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May Artist of the Month: Button Arcade and Jehu


The month of May is pretty exciting for us over at Crafty Wonderland, and it is our great pleasure to feature our favorite mom + kid creative crew, Button Arcade and Jehu Ruth as Artists of the Month.  Just in time for Mother’s Day!


Kyle Ruth of Button Arcade is a self-proclaimed “craftaholic”.  She says growing up in the middle of Alaska where resources were scarce taught her “to invent new products with what I have, instead of going out and buying supplies for projects.” We love that resourceful spirit!


When her daughter, Jehu, the kid portion of our dynamic duo, was born in 2003, Kyle decided she would much rather work from home than downtown Portland.  Kyle creates all sorts of beauties: tiny felt pinwheels on bobby pins to brighten up your hair, or (slightly) bigger ones on sticks to brighten up your life.  Plus pocket mirrors, irked pincushions (like a tooth who loves sugar!), beautiful felt and wood brooches, and Clean/Dirty dishwasher magnets.  And of course, buttons! Give the “I Heart Your Mom” button to someone who hearts your mom!


Girl Wonder Jehu Ruth creates beautiful original drawings and says her cats, Oliver, Jack, and Missoni, like to visit her while she sketches. Smart kitties!!! Jehu’s love of anime and all things Japanese (including the food!) clearly influence her drawings, which feature bright colors and thought bubbles, girls and boys and creatures in every shade of the rainbow.  Come check out Jehu’s prints, magnets and pocket mirrors with matching bags for easy toting.  Her art promotes a strong sense of identity and believing in yourself.  Which. Is. Awesome. Girl power!!!


This busy season finds Kyle and Jehu working hard and then rewarding themselves with lots of anime and burritos, respectively.  Button Arcade (and Jehu too!) were both vendors at our Super Colossal Spring Sale on May 9th. You can find Button Arcade online at  And both mother and daughter’s work will be prominently displayed on our shop wall for the month of May! The crafty force is strong in this family.  Don’t miss out!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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April Artist of the Month: Old School Stationers


It’s time to announce April’s featured Artist of the Month: Old School Stationers!!! This small, family-owned Portland business is a letterpress studio specializing in the production of greeting cards, wall prints and a variety of other letterpress creations, all brought to life with simple, homey designs.

Images of trees and outdoorsy scenes like canoeing and fishing, hiking and clam-digging, classic cars and familiar landscapes, give them the look of vintage travel brochures and make it hard for Portlanders (or visitors!) to resist their charms.

oldschoolstationers3 oldschoolstationers5

Old School Stationers was founded by Brian Reed back in 2004, when after spending years in the printing industry, computer technology came to replace the need for his skills. So Brian took a step back to embrace the skill set of an earlier era, in which handmade and homegrown were a part of everyday life. Brian set up two vintage letterpress printers in the garage and launched his first collection of letterpress botanical cards. After their family started to grow, he and his wife Amy joined efforts and became co-owners. Drawing from her knowledge gained through years working in the textile industry Amy began assisting Brian with color and pattern choices, and Old School Stationers was born!

oldschoolstationers6 oldschoolstationers4

Old School Stationers’ work, with its classic feel and a beautiful color scheme, are ideal for sprucing up your walls for Spring, or the perfect handmade card to send to that special someone in your life. Crafty faves are the St. Johns Bridge woodblock print, as well as the space themed series, especially the aliens proclaiming “We are one.”


Come check out Old School Stationers in the shop this month! They will also be selling their wares at the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale on May 9. You can visit their website too!


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March Artist of the Month: Marika Paz


It’s time to welcome Spring and announce March’s Artist of the Month – the amazing Marika Paz!!! We are super excited to feature Marika’s NEW original paintings on wood slices, as well as her beautiful prints and greeting cards.


Marika Paz is a self-taught artist and illustrator who grew up on the northern California coast and now resides in Portland, OR.  She is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, folklore and fairytales, and symbolism in esoteric arts.


Her drawings explore forest creatures and their relationships with people and the natural world, with a touch of mysticism and symbolism. “I try and create a world of magic, wonder, and possibilities,” she says. “When I am not in my studio drawing away, I enjoy weaving on my loom, knitting, and going on adventures with my corgi, Scout. Oh, and having a good cup of coffee.”


Marika’s greeting cards featuring animals in scout uniforms waving flags that encourage “Adventure”  and “Explore“ are always flying off the shelf.  And while everyone loves those cool kids, foxes and raccoons (and Marika does them proud!) she also highlights the underdog creatures like rats, moths, possums and wombats!!!  You know there is someone special in your life who would love to receive a card that exclaims, “Ain’t no party like a wombat party!”


Dreamlike and unique, amusing and mysterious, this work is a must-see!!!  Come find your spirit animal in the shop this month, or check out Marika’s website at


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February Artist of the Month: Red Star Art


Just in time for Valentine’s Day – we are thrilled to announce February’s featured Artist of the Month: Alicia Justus of Red Star Art!!!  Alicia has lived in Portland for going on 19 years, and is a long time Crafty Wonderland vendor who remembers selling with us in our Doug Fir days, once upon a time.


Red Star Art’s collection has an old world vibe, and not just because of her use of antique, vintage materials and found objects.  People are drawn in by the colors, then mesmerized by the delicate detail.  This work stirs emotions and calls to mind fairy tales, witches, and gypsy caravans; there is a mysterious, dark, ethereal feel with a touch of humor to it – it has to be seen to be believed!  Come and check out our featured Artist wall before it all disappears!


Alicia is, to use her own words, a bit reclusive, and doesn’t have much of an online presence.  So we consider ourselves very lucky!!!  “I just compulsively make stuff,” she says, which she does while enjoying quality time with her cats and watching episodes of The Rockford Files.   She also searches antique stores and junk shops for bits and pieces which she then embellishes or builds into something new.  Porcelain doll limbs become pendants, tiny pincushions and thimbles become dangly earrings, and glass buttons become cabochons for colorful beaded rings.


Alicia recently brought in a batch of her adorable felt mice (which she had to rescue from her cat’s embrace.)  The meticulous detail on these guys (and girls), from the hand stitched pockets on their jeans to their tiny red bead eyes, makes them one of Red Star Art’s fastest and best selling items at the shop.  If you’re lucky, you might have a chance to get your paws on a gypsy mouse (wearing tiny gold hoop earrings!) or a cowboy mouse (with a lasso & chaps!)!!


Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love?  Pair a vintage valentine with a beautiful Red Star Art piece, like hand stitched cacti in clay pots that look so real you might accidentally water them!  Or a brooch made from a Victorian era pincushion strawberry with hand stitched seeds, embellished with sparkly vintage crystal dewdrops and dangling from a silver bow pin.  There’s also beaded jewelry, paper dolls, postcards, mini puzzles, handpainted clothespin couples, sewing kits, as well as limited original framed pencil drawings, a few of which feature Alicia’s adorable 18-year old black cat, Morgy, in her little red coat.  “I decided to make her a star!” says the artist, and we understand why!


You can find Alicia and Red Star Art at the Twilight Rummage Sale.


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January Artist of the Month: Mugwump


Our long-time vendor Mugwump is January’s Artist of the Month!!!  Mugwump is a female owned and operated design micro-business that uses reclaimed/ repurposed materials and an industrial sewing machine to give renewed life to modern accessories.  We think sole designer Suzanne Koelker’s mission to “save the Earth and look good doin’ it!” is awesome!!!

Our Artist of the Month wall is currently chock-a-block with handbags, wallets, & other fashion accessories made out of upcycled materials like old maps and books.  We have traded our shop Christmas tree for a Mugwump tree carrying handbags and clutches made from retro records and vinyl covers, vintage game boards and colorful children’s books.  A current eye-catcher is the Rod Stewart “Tonight I’m Yours” album cover handbag!!!


Besides cute accessories, Mugwump also puts together packs of vintage sheet music, perfect for scrapbookers and lovers of ephemera, as are the Big (and Lil’) Bag O’ Fun, cello-wrapped assortments of vintage game pieces and cards, shells, ribbons, puzzle pieces, book pages, and other bits & bobs.  Fun!!!


Mugwump’s luggage tags, passport covers and wallets are popular with world-traveling Crafty customers who are passing through Portland, and also make fun gifts for just about everyone!  Be sure to hit up her website after checking out her stuff in the shop!


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December Artist of the Month: Sarah Landwehr


We couldn’t be more pleased to announce December’s Artist of the Month – Sarah Landwehr, Portland artist, mom and all around lovely lady!  This is Sarah’s first time as Artist of the Month and she couldn’t be happier – especially as December is a particularly good month to be highlighted for holiday shoppers!


 Sarah is primarily a printmaker who loves to make things by hand.  She has said that one of her favorite things about doing what she does is seeing her work in the homes of others, “to know that it has a life of its own out there in the world and where it can be appreciated in someone’s daily life.”


One of Sarah’s most popular pieces at the Crafty Wonderland shop is a special creation she designed in 2010 while working on a map-themed show: a silhouette of Oregon with the words, “I’m So Happy We Both Showed Up Here” lettered across the state, available in several different shades.  Portlanders cannot seem to resist this print and its heartfelt simplicity and it’s not hard to see why.  This month in the shop we have the “I’m So Happy” print framed and ready to gift!


Sarah’s captivating images are strong in character and mystery.  She pairs a muted color palette with distinctive images, such as illustrations of hand signs in American Sign Language, shadow puppet animals, feathers and teeth.  Come check them out in person!


For more of Sarah Landwehr’s work, visit Two Sarahs on etsy.


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November Artist of the Month: Trixie & Milo


We are very excited to announce November’s Artist of the Month: Trixie & Milo!!! This is the first time (but surely not the last!) that this Portland husband & wife team have been named Artist of the Month here at the Crafty Wonderland shop and they have set up a beautiful display showcasing an amazing selection of stainless steel flasks featuring Milo’s original art.


Trixie & Milo’s brilliant scheme to combine two of their favorite things, drinking and art, has led to their success in selling their wares all over the world! Their super cool designs are all original, inspired by vintage graphics and classic advertising, and each item is hand-finished in their studio.


Trixie & Milo’s colorful flasks have a ton of personality and trigger lots of giggles and excitement in the shop. They are a great gift idea for anyone – over the legal drinking age, of course! There’s a flask perfect for everyone: Sasquatch, pin-up girl, steampunk, mustachioed cupcake, whisky-themed flasks, and even flasks acknowledging the potential for liver failure. Yay!!!? Come check them out and find yours!


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October Artist of the Month: Berkley Illustration


We are delighted to announce that our October Artist of the Month is none other than Berkley Illustration!  Portland’s own Ryan and Lucy Berkley are a husband and wife team whose little family just welcomed a new baby boy.  From the very beginnings Berkley Illustration has been part of the Crafty Wonderland family, having drawn all of our craft show posters and marketing collateral for both the sales and the shop!

il_570xN.196339923 il_570xN.535027045_wikr

We always have a sweet collection of these beautifully detailed prints featuring sophisticated animals in suits, plus matching buttons, magnets and bottle openers. There are a limited number of animal portrait originals currently in the shop!!!


Right now we also have super cool limited edition prints from the Cinematic Fauna series, Ryan’s take on some of the best-loved animals from cult movies. It’s time for a Berkley addition to your family’s walls! Frame a pair of dapper animals as a set, or pay homage to your favorite film with a limited edition Cinematic Fauna print! “We’d like to thank animals and teamwork for making this possible!” (from Instagram)


You can see more of their fabulous work in their Etsy shop!

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September Artist of the Month: Mary Campbell


Be sure to come and check out September’s Artist of the Month, the amazing Mary Campbell!  Mary’s larger-than-life crocheted food and household items, like pretzels, pencils, and ice cream cones, are a huge hit with kids and kids at heart.  They also make great gifts – for foodie friends or house-warming parties!


Mary stitches all her pieces without using any patterns.  Brilliant!


Residents of Portland have probably spotted Mary’s brother, Extremo the Clown, riding around town and blasting music in his art covered van.

You know you NEED a big huggable blueberry, light bulb or fried egg in your life!!!


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August Artist of the Month: Tripper Dungan

You really must come see our artist of the month display for August! You get to put on 3-D glasses and look at art!  And you’ll see things like a wiener dog walking a hot dog, a skateboarding taco with a mustache, a donut with a arms and legs and a big smile, and so much more!


Tripper Dungan was born in Santa Barbara, California. At the early age of 4 he got in trouble for coloring in his brothers He-Man coloring book. He hasn’t stopped making art since.

In his early teens Tripper and his family moved regularly, sometimes every week. During this time he started making a comic strip that was heavily inspired by “Calvin and Hobbes” and “The Simpsons”. The comic strip didn’t last but a couple years. After a few years and 3 times across the country and back, Tripper’s family settled in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Tripper attend the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts and International Studies. This is where he received the bulk of his art training. For a sort of informal Senior project, he and his friend John Engle, AKA “the Prof 8o00%” made a makeshift carnival they called “The Carnival of the Eye.” It featured a plethora of dioramas, 2d art, a black and white strobe hut gallery, a tea bar, and a 7-foot tall mushroom with a light up interior.

In 2002, Tripper moved up to Portland, Oregon, where he started making sampled music soundtracks for his increasingly elaborate shadow puppet shows. He would perform at clubs, house parties, music venues, tea houses, colleges, and geodesic domes all up and down the northwest coast.


Portland is also where Tripper met a handful of visual artist in the early days of “Last Thursdays” up on Alberta Street. They shared a love of found wood to paint on and had an aesthetic that worked well together, and they formed a loose collective they called “Junk Town.”  Junk Town would set up their salvaged wood walls at night clubs and bars, and hang art on the cheap. One show at Tripper’s house ended well into the night after a couple beer runs and a gaggle of Brazilians showed up to rock out on the drums to some 70′s Italian Bossanova beats.


Tripper has been a part of Portland’s many local art events such as Holocene’s annual mini golf design competition, where he made a 7-foot tall robot head to hit your golf ball into. He made a temporary moving mural of a woodsman playing a ukulele at the Goodfoot lounge. Whenever the men’s room door opened the woodsman’s arm strummed the weed whacker strings on the 11-foot ukulele. At a show at Screaming Sky he hand-carved a totem pole as part of a show about animal tales.  Just to name a few.

Tripper is currently showing in galleries across the country and slinging art at heavily curated craft shows on the West coast. He even sometimes picks up the odd graphic design job for local independent record labels, websites, people that want a design for a tattoo, HUB brewing, and weekly papers like the Portland Mercury. His art has been featured on the cover of the Portland Mercury a handful of times.


Be sure to visit Tripper’s website:!

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