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May Artist of the Month: Appetite!


We always get excited for our customers when they get to take home an Appetite piece and so of course we are excited to feature this super sister team as May’s Artist of the Month!  Appetite’s Erin Albin and Megan Oser design and manufacture by hand an incredible array of housewares and personal goods!  You can find their work at their storefront on East Burnside as well as many other local stockists.


We truly love recommending Appetite napkins, potholders and dishtowels to customers looking for thoughtful, handmade gifts and their new fabric buckets are a crowd pleaser as well!  And of course we are always thrilled to see people treat themselves to a gorgeous leather and fabric handbag, backpack, wallet or clutch!


Here’s what Erin had to say in answer to our questions the business and process:

Where do you find inspiration?
When we moved our studio into our combined shop/studio space 4 years ago, we added selling vintage and plants to our offerings.  We are constantly finding amazing vintage textiles, bags and paintings that inspire our bag shapes and textile choices or inspire a new colorway to print our fabric in.  And working so closely with plants has inspired many new botanical illustrations for our printed fabrics.


What is your favorite music, TV show or podcast to play while you work?
We love this show called “Chances with Wolves” from East Village Radio.  It’s a variety show that can go from obscure song covers to choral tunes to rock & roll in one show.  You can find it Saturday afternoons on or stream it on Soundcloud.

Tell us about your pets!
We are a sister team and we work together almost everyday.  Megan has a 10 year old Boston terrier named Beetle that comes to the shop with her and has his own teepee for naps.  He’s very social and will try to get you into playing fetch with him when you stop by the shop.

Photo Apr 29, 9 28 34 AM

We encourage you to come check out our sweet selection and also visit the Appetite shop (especially if you can meet Beetle!) or visit their website at!

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April Artist of the Month: Unusual Cards


Portlanders, that blazing ball of fire in the sky has finally arrived and we are so excited to welcome the sunny weather as well as April’s Artist of the Month, Francesca Berrini of Unusual Cards!!!

This sunshine makes it feel like anything is possible and almost anything IS possible in Francesca’s art – dinosaurs, kittens, religious and historical icons, jello mold spaceships, all hanging out together!  Customers have a great time pouring through all her designs in the shop!


Francesca collects most of her original source materials from various thrift stores and the “kindness of strangers” to create unique, colorful, hilarious collage designs.  She cuts and pastes multiple layers of images to create scenes that are the embodiment of tall tales and turns them into prints, candles, greeting cards and magnets.  We currently have a couple framed originals in the shop!


Francesca was very happy to answer some questions (truthfully? You decide – her bio on her website indicates she was born in the Arctic tundra in 1952, and raised by polar bears until the age of 7!) about herself and her process for our blog:

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
It really depends on the type of work I’m doing. For creative work I’m obsessed with podcasts – Serial, Sawbones, The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, What the Crime, This American Life, the Moth. For the really boring work of stuffing cards into clear bags I’ll watch RuPaul’s Drag Race or Black Mirror.


Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in anything that’s very sincerely trying to convince me of something in an overly enthusiastic way. The mid-century printed material I scavenge to cut up is really full of unblinking optimism, but it’s really not that different in tone than a lot of stuff that’s being produced today. I love the look of a solid lie printed in glorious technicolor.


What is your astrological sign?
Tauraquaries with Leobra rising.

Do you have any pets and if so, please describe!
I have a Shiba that came from the Humane Society about 11 years ago. This is the reason I am constantly covered in pet hair.


What is your favorite food?
Whatever my husband cooks for me.

Where do you most like to work?
I love working in my art studio at the North Coast Seed Company. I’ve been there for over 10 years now!


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
I guess I don’t really “reward” myself per se. I just keep working and hoping that I’ll keep doing it well. The reward is being able to work on whatever I think is worth working on. I think the idea of rewarding myself would work well if I was taking steps towards some kind of goal, but if the goal is just being able to continue to do the work I like, then there’s no end in sight. Maybe I’ll invent a time machine so I can high five myself right before I die.

Come check out Francesca Berrini’s work at the shop and at!


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March Artist of the Month: Kara Burke!


We’re thrilled to announce Kara Burke as our March Artist of the Month – just in time for the arrival of Spring and perfect Portland dog-walking weather!  This long-time member of the Crafty family’s irresistible pet pillows, paintings, patches, snap pouches and jewelry are sure to charm any animal lover!


This lovely lady recently got so busy making custom pillows she was able to leave her full-time day job and work solely for herself.  She feels very lucky to have time to work on new projects and enjoy life in between.  “I’m excited to work on different custom projects this coming year, including but not limited to my custom pet pillows. I love being able to come up with something made just for the recipient. Especially when it’s of their dog!  I get lots of commissions for kids who are away at college and are homesick / missing their family pet. I love helping them feel closer to home.”

kara3 kara6

Kara likes to keep things light and easy, but her work is truly a labor of love – from drawing to sewing, she does it all by hand. Her simple, affectionate style will draw you in and her sweet, sad-eyed pups and other animals (cats! pigeons! whales!) will warm your heart.  “Sometimes I find inspiration from travel but more often than not, I find it most from my home – my family, my childhood, the different places I’ve lived. And my dogs, of course!  We’ve just recently upgraded our pooch pack to 3 – Henry, Blue and our new baby Bob. They’re so fun and are hilarious together.”

kara4 kara5

Springtime in Portland means you may find this hard-working lady walking to local spots Ruby Jewel or Eb & Bean for ice cream (with 3 dogs in tow!) after a long day.  But come the warmer weather, she’ll happily be heading out of town – “I’m excited to marry my best friend this summer, at the place where so many of my memories have been made – my family’s chalet on the most perfect midwest lake.  He loves dogs and ice cream too. Woof!  Perfect.” We couldn’t agree more.


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February Artist of the Month: Willamette Valley Confectionery!

willamette valley confectionery

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are very excited to announce February’s Artist of the Month, Willamette Valley Confectionery!!!

This old fashioned candy company does its namesake valley proud by using berries, fruits, nuts and dairy products from local farms.  They are a self-proclaimed “little family” consisting of Kenneth Hoyt, Risa Northway, and resident “new guy” Zack Jackman, a recent graduate from Oregon Culinary Institute. Ken says they work “shoulder-to-shoulder” in their candy kitchen/lab/packaging room and warehouse, nicknamed “Candyland,” and that having a new employee brings lots of energy and excitement to the mix.

willamette valley confectionery

“I find creative inspiration in the farms and farmers that supply us with our beautiful berries and nuts… and vintage cookbooks, where are all of our recipes originated.”

Willamette Valley Confectionery small-batch, handcrafted candies are free of all artificial colorings and preservatives, and their nostalgic packaging, all of which is compostable, biodegradable and/or recyclable, will complete your sweet experience!

willamette valley confectionery

Ken recommends their salted caramels, either coffee or regular, with coffee.  Treat your sweetie (or yo’self!) to a perfect Portland pairing this Valentine’s Day (or anytime!)

by Joanna Kurimsky


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December Artist of the Month: Robot Candy


Our final Artist of the Month of 2015 is the spectacular dream team Jenn Hill + Jenny Tiffany of Robot Candy!!! They were actually our first ever featured artists to grace this page and the special space on our shop wall in 2012.  We are so happy they are still a part of our family!!!


For over 10 years Jenn and Jenny have been making Portland a cuter, craftier place with their awesome work inspired by the designs of Japan, Sweden and the 1960s.

Most recognizable are these ladies’ famous tile coasters featuring fun, retro imagery sealed under a resin coating.  There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, including Portland bridges and other landmarks, crafty cats, vintage ads, sweet floral patterns, and more!!!


Besides the plethora of coasters, you can also find adorable needle felted critters and bowls, hand-sewn tissue pouches and pincushions, plush sweater softies, art prints, zipper pouches, and tiny handmade buttons and necklaces.


So much of their lines, Robot Candy as well as Chet & Dot and Automatte, have a warm + fuzzy, comfy vibe and no wonder, Jenn highly recommends embroidering in bed while watching tv.  Sounds excellent! And after the holidays you may find them treating themselves to a very well-deserved dinner at Screen Door or Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty here in town!


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October Artist of the Month: Red Bat Press!


October is here and we are super thrilled to announce Carye Bye as our Artist of the Month!!! She’s stocked us with lots of goodies just in time for Halloween!!!


Carye, a local Portland artist since 2002, does wood-block printmaking under Red Bat Press, and publishes guidebooks and illustrations under Hidden Portland. Known by many as the “Museum Lady,” Carye is nearly as much of an institution in Portland as the landmarks and sights she loves to illustrate!


Along with framed prints and drawings, Hidden Portland Guidebooks in singles or sets of 3, you’ve got to come down to the shop to check out Carye’s punny and adorable Halloween wood-cut and letterpress art postcards and cards, such as “Pumpkin Patch” (he’s a pirate!), “Roller Ghoster” and “Bat-Tub Party!” Customers also love the Halloween-themed $5 Treasure Packs — no two alike — with wood-block prints and other spooky, seasonal ephemera! Perfect for trick-or-treaters (and we’re pretty sure they will last longer than fun-size candy bars.)


We think Carye Bye is pretty rad! We asked her some questions about herself for our blog and here’s what she had to say:

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
When I’m doing repetitive production style work (hand-painting art postcards or stapling guidebooks) I enjoy watching dvds from the library — I’ve discovered some great shows — Downton Abbey, Story of Film: an odyssey (it was 15 segments!), and I’ve even returned to childhood classics like Little House on the Prairie — still holds up all these years.

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m inspired by place and where I am, as well as some nostalgia — I love vintage and old-timey eras and also am inspired by block printing styles from China.

p_cityofroses p_madeinoregon p_paulbunyan p_unionstation

Do you have any pets? Please describe, if so!
One cat, Murphy: my second orange cat. Orange-ginger cats are the best — well known for their sweetness.


Where do you most like to work?
If I had my way, I’d always be exploring — that’s my favorite part of work…being inspired by beauty, color, contrast, as well as seeing interesting juxtapositions and surprises. But at some point it’s time to move into my studio and create. Many artists love the process–and I do to an extent–but what I really like is finishing, because I print on a semi-worn out table-top letterpress I have to trouble-shoot so much that it’s always a mini miracle when something turns out looking like I hoped!

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
Go take a day off to explore! and maybe some ice cream! ;)


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September Artists of the Month: Pixel Party + Cookoorikoo!


Crafty Wonderland welcomes a dynamic duo to September’s Artist of the Month spot: Shanalee Hampton (Cookoorikoo) and Shawn Hampton (Pixel Party)!!!

Shanalee Hampton began selling embroidered hoop art in her online shop in the summer of 2013. Embroidery had been her go-to craft for gifts for years, since learning how to embroider as a small child, hating it, and then later discovering a real love for it. She switched entirely from jewelry to embroidery the following spring. She finds inspiration everywhere – words, quotations, space, art nouveau illustration, her friend’s social media feeds… Everything can be turned into an embroidered hoop, according to Cookoorikoo!


Shawn (aka Shampton) Hampton has been pushing pixels since he was 7. From playing with print shop on the Apple ii in elementary school to playing Pacman in the arcade and Jumpman on the Commodore 64 to making websites as an “adult”,  he sees the world through pixelated glasses. He started making video game jewelry when he got a little jealous of all the things Shanalee was making & has since branched out to art and bumper stickers.  Customers especially love the bumper stickers quoting “Oregon Trail”!!!

pixelparty1 pixelparty2 pixelparty3 pixelparty4

These two have been working on art projects together for the last fifteen years and have been living in Portland for the last five. Shanalee can also be found mending vintage clothes at Wanderlust Vintage and Shampton can be heard playing with Lovebomb Go-Go Marching Band or solo as 8-bit Zero. They love tacos.

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August Artist of the Month: Brian Cook


What do Portlanders love more than food? Food with faces! August’s Artist of the Month is someone who understands this love very well!  Brian Cook, everyone!

hamburger hotdog

We are excited to be featuring work from Brian’s recent project, Teeny Press, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter.  These original block prints of adorably delicious anthropomorphic food friends do not disappoint!  Each piece was hand-printed by Brian on a mini printing press that he built himself, and each print is individually signed and numbered out of only 200!  They also each come with a teeny “certificate of awesometicity!”  We suggest you pair them up and give them to your bestie: “Hot Dawg” + “Burgie” (hot dog and hamburger) “Bestie” + “Sprinkles” (coffee and donut), “Egg-Bert” + “Porker” (fried egg and bacon).  Awesome!

haunted legs

Brian’s drawings and watercolor art prints as well as his illustrated picture book, “Beware the Haunted Legs”, a spooky, sweet tale about a pair of disembodied legs roaming around looking for a friend, are always a big hit in the shop.  Our current stash of books all contain Brian’s autograph and a bonus doodle so get ‘em while the gettin’ is good!  We also have several framed watercolor originals ready to grace your walls, such as a smiling taco with a jalapeno sidekick for $70.00!


Everyone’s been bidding farewell to Portland International Airport’s beloved, be-tweeted carpet this year.  We think Brian’s PDX Carpet print is a great way to commemorate this event – a cuddly looking little swatch of teal rug with stubby arms waving bye bye, forever.

pdx carpet

When asked where he draws inspiration for his work, Brian is very practical: “I don’t think there’s any way to magically find inspiration.  I think you’ve gotta show up and work hard even when you’re not feeling inspired – ideas will come to you eventually if you just keep yourself moving forward.”  However, we do wonder if his little pup, Olive, who he says is “pretty much the cutest thing ever” has anything to do with his ability to capture the adorbs.

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
When I’ve got a project I’m working on it helps to have some monotonous show on that I can half ignore and half watch.  I burn through shows like crazy on Netflix…right now I’m working my way through all 200+ episodes of the X-Files.

Where do you find inspiration?
I don’t think there’s any way to magically find inspiration.  I think you’ve gotta show up and work hard even when you’re not feeling inspired – ideas will come to you eventually if you just keep yourself moving forward.

Do you have any pets?  Please describe, if so!
I have a little pup named Olive – she’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Where do you most like to work?
My studio at home is my favorite spot to work…although on the couch in front of the TV is a close second!

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
A big sigh of relief…and maybe a pack of Oreos.

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July Artist of the Month: Beth Kerschen, Urban Retrospectives


We are so happy to be celebrating Portland’s own Beth Kerschen as July’s Artist of the Month!!! Beth is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses photography and printmaking to create “Urban Retrospectives” – unique cards and prints exhibiting the amazing sights, bridges and buildings that make Portland so rad.


Beth worked for Polaroid earlier in her career, expanding her extensive photographic and digital imaging knowledge. She moved to Portland in 2008 and brought her focus back to photography, photo illustration, and printmaking. She uses a blend of photography and printmaking to create her images, combining images of well-known structures and skylines and signs around town to create layered, collage-like composite scenes. Her Portland Icon postcards and bridge woodblocks are big sellers at the shop!!!


We asked Beth a few questions about herself for our blog and she gave us such great answers that we thought we’d just let her speak for herself!

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you work?
Since I work alone a lot, I tend to listen a lot to OPB on the radio. It is nice to know what is going on in the outside world, while I am working away in my own little world. I do work while watching t.v. too, it makes the boring tasks more fun. I really love sci-fi, so it is fun to put that on while I am working.


Where do you find inspiration?
I Iove urban life, so I get the most inspiration from just simply walking around town, or going through my photos of the cities I have photographed.


Do you have any pets?
Nope, I think I am the only person in Portland who doesn’t have a pet! :)


Where do you most like to work?
I have set up a small printmaking studio in my garage where I make my printmaking plates and print. It has been a dream to have my own studio, so even though it is in a garage, I just love working in there. It is set up just the way I want it and on nice days, I can open the garage door and feel I am enjoying the weather too.


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
I probably should reward myself more often actually! If I finished a big show or event, I usually go to Branch Whisky Bar on NE Alberta. They have great food and excellent mixed drinks!


Be sure to check out Beth’s work at the Crafty Wonderland shop and at


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June Artist of the Month: Little Bay Root


June at Crafty Wonderland ushers in summer sun and Father’s Day and…Sasquatch sightings??? Our Artist of the Month is that champion of Big Foot worship, local artists/entrepreneurs, Little Bay Root!!!

Pacific_north_wet_bear_bike_oregon_rain_umbrella_northwest Beards_are_big_big_here_oregon_grande Night_rider_bigfoot_sasquatch_shirt_portland_oregon_kids_a5e674b6-a7e6-4158-bf1f-3a19dbbca232White_stag_portland_oregon_sign_scoop_tee_shirt

Partners Brian and Brenden have created a monopoly out of Portland love!  Locally designed and printed swag celebrating all things Pacific NorthWest: Big Foot and beer, rain and roses, trees, camping and biking.  With his deep background in marketing, Brian says that he is inspired by pop culture and trends here in Portland – which, obviously and happily, doesn’t always mirror what is trending in other, more mainstream cities.


Little Bay Root started out working at home, but when the swag started taking over every room of the house, they moved their enterprise to a studio with room to work every day while blasting Lana del Rey and Radio Ballet (when the work requires counting.)   How do they reward themselves for their hard work?  “Beer is always a good answer.”

2014-04-25 17.04.552013-10-19 16.48.51

2014-10-17 13.00.56-12014-07-17 18.57.04

Come check out the new merch we got in special for June – like new hat & t-shirt designs, mugs, shot glasses and that’s right…Sasquatch hair?  Test tubes with hair samples from the legendary large hairy ape-men (and women) – this is the “Fur Real” proof you’ve been looking for, people!!!  Speaking of fur, we had to share this adorable photo of the furriest members of the Little Bay Root family – Jetson, the one-eyed Boston terrier and Rogen, the chiweenie.  Cute!

2015-02-05 18.07.08-1

From onesies to hoodies Little Bay Root has got you covered, with all sorts of fabulous-ness in between.  Need a gift idea for Dad, or a birthday, new baby, or graduation gift?  We are sure there is something for everyone in this collection!


Visit for more awesomeness and remember…Squatch Out!!!

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