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Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
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Bunnies love crafts too
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November Artist of the Month: Trixie & Milo


We are very excited to announce November’s Artist of the Month: Trixie & Milo!!! This is the first time (but surely not the last!) that this Portland husband & wife team have been named Artist of the Month here at the Crafty Wonderland shop and they have set up a beautiful display showcasing an amazing selection of stainless steel flasks featuring Milo’s original art.


Trixie & Milo’s brilliant scheme to combine two of their favorite things, drinking and art, has led to their success in selling their wares all over the world! Their super cool designs are all original, inspired by vintage graphics and classic advertising, and each item is hand-finished in their studio.


Trixie & Milo’s colorful flasks have a ton of personality and trigger lots of giggles and excitement in the shop. They are a great gift idea for anyone – over the legal drinking age, of course! There’s a flask perfect for everyone: Sasquatch, pin-up girl, steampunk, mustachioed cupcake, whisky-themed flasks, and even flasks acknowledging the potential for liver failure. Yay!!!? Come check them out and find yours!


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October Artist of the Month: Berkley Illustration


We are delighted to announce that our October Artist of the Month is none other than Berkley Illustration!  Portland’s own Ryan and Lucy Berkley are a husband and wife team whose little family just welcomed a new baby boy.  From the very beginnings Berkley Illustration has been part of the Crafty Wonderland family, having drawn all of our craft show posters and marketing collateral for both the sales and the shop!

il_570xN.196339923 il_570xN.535027045_wikr

We always have a sweet collection of these beautifully detailed prints featuring sophisticated animals in suits, plus matching buttons, magnets and bottle openers. There are a limited number of animal portrait originals currently in the shop!!!


Right now we also have super cool limited edition prints from the Cinematic Fauna series, Ryan’s take on some of the best-loved animals from cult movies. It’s time for a Berkley addition to your family’s walls! Frame a pair of dapper animals as a set, or pay homage to your favorite film with a limited edition Cinematic Fauna print! “We’d like to thank animals and teamwork for making this possible!” (from Instagram)


You can see more of their fabulous work in their Etsy shop!

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September Artist of the Month: Mary Campbell


Be sure to come and check out September’s Artist of the Month, the amazing Mary Campbell!  Mary’s larger-than-life crocheted food and household items, like pretzels, pencils, and ice cream cones, are a huge hit with kids and kids at heart.  They also make great gifts – for foodie friends or house-warming parties!


Mary stitches all her pieces without using any patterns.  Brilliant!


Residents of Portland have probably spotted Mary’s brother, Extremo the Clown, riding around town and blasting music in his art covered van.

You know you NEED a big huggable blueberry, light bulb or fried egg in your life!!!


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August Artist of the Month: Tripper Dungan

You really must come see our artist of the month display for August! You get to put on 3-D glasses and look at art!  And you’ll see things like a wiener dog walking a hot dog, a skateboarding taco with a mustache, a donut with a arms and legs and a big smile, and so much more!


Tripper Dungan was born in Santa Barbara, California. At the early age of 4 he got in trouble for coloring in his brothers He-Man coloring book. He hasn’t stopped making art since.

In his early teens Tripper and his family moved regularly, sometimes every week. During this time he started making a comic strip that was heavily inspired by “Calvin and Hobbes” and “The Simpsons”. The comic strip didn’t last but a couple years. After a few years and 3 times across the country and back, Tripper’s family settled in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Tripper attend the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts and International Studies. This is where he received the bulk of his art training. For a sort of informal Senior project, he and his friend John Engle, AKA “the Prof 8o00%” made a makeshift carnival they called “The Carnival of the Eye.” It featured a plethora of dioramas, 2d art, a black and white strobe hut gallery, a tea bar, and a 7-foot tall mushroom with a light up interior.

In 2002, Tripper moved up to Portland, Oregon, where he started making sampled music soundtracks for his increasingly elaborate shadow puppet shows. He would perform at clubs, house parties, music venues, tea houses, colleges, and geodesic domes all up and down the northwest coast.


Portland is also where Tripper met a handful of visual artist in the early days of “Last Thursdays” up on Alberta Street. They shared a love of found wood to paint on and had an aesthetic that worked well together, and they formed a loose collective they called “Junk Town.”  Junk Town would set up their salvaged wood walls at night clubs and bars, and hang art on the cheap. One show at Tripper’s house ended well into the night after a couple beer runs and a gaggle of Brazilians showed up to rock out on the drums to some 70′s Italian Bossanova beats.


Tripper has been a part of Portland’s many local art events such as Holocene’s annual mini golf design competition, where he made a 7-foot tall robot head to hit your golf ball into. He made a temporary moving mural of a woodsman playing a ukulele at the Goodfoot lounge. Whenever the men’s room door opened the woodsman’s arm strummed the weed whacker strings on the 11-foot ukulele. At a show at Screaming Sky he hand-carved a totem pole as part of a show about animal tales.  Just to name a few.

Tripper is currently showing in galleries across the country and slinging art at heavily curated craft shows on the West coast. He even sometimes picks up the odd graphic design job for local independent record labels, websites, people that want a design for a tattoo, HUB brewing, and weekly papers like the Portland Mercury. His art has been featured on the cover of the Portland Mercury a handful of times.


Be sure to visit Tripper’s website:!

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July Artist of the Month: Camp Smartypants


What better way to celebrate summer and relive the magic of summer camp than by featuring the art of Rachel Beyer of Camp Smartypants?! Rachel’s cards, prints, journals, buttons, wrapping paper, and other camp-inspired creations will brighten your day and inspire you to get out and have some adventures!


The story of Camp Smartypants:

Camp Smartypants began in the summer of 2009 in a sunny backyard of Portland, Oregon. I had just moved home from Seattle to cultivate a dream that had been growing inside me since I was a young girl sleeping under the stars at Girl Scout camp.


After studying graphic design at The Art Institute of Seattle and working my first ‘real’ job, I found that I longed for the days when I went on adventures, made god’s eyes and friendship bracelets, and laughed with my friends until my sides hurt.


I believe we are all young at heart and should hold onto our childlike innocence. We are never too old to climb a tree, invent a new language or imagine the impossible.


A line of colorful art, greeting cards and handmade goods, Camp Smartypants hopes to inspire you to rekindle those fun, magical memories. Laugh with your friends, explore new terrain and follow your heart.

Be sure to visit!

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May Artist of the Month: Jessica Swift


We are super pleased to feature Jessica Swift as our May Artist of the Month! Jessica creates beautiful, bright and inspiring artwork that graces prints, notebooks, magnets, eye pillows, postcards and more! Be sure to come by and see for yourself!






Jessica Swift, a full-time artist, surface pattern designer, and writer, is on a quest to inspire creative people everywhere to pursue their wild + colorful dreams… and never give up. Her magically uplifting, colorful artwork is licensed widely for iPhone cases, fabric, stationery, rugs, and more. Her art and products are designed to serve as tokens of happiness — reminders that you need (and deserve) to feel GOOD in your life. Her forthcoming book on pattern design is due to be published in Spring 2015. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two adorable cats, and you can find her colorfully creating and blogging online at



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April Artist of the Month: Kara Burke


This month we are excited to feature the work of our very own Kara Burke in the Artist of the Month section! Kara has been a part of the Crafty Wonderland team since we first opened our retail store in the fall of 2010! Come in to see her adorable pet pillows, ornaments, paintings, wallets, and jewelry in person!

karaburke2 karaburke4karaburke5 karaburke3 karaburke1

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March Artist of the Month: Jahna Vashti


This month we are excited to present the work of Jahna Vashti in our Artist of the Month section! Jahna’s cards and prints are so beautifully done, and full of color and personality! Be sure to come see her work in person!

jahna_vashti2 jahna_vashti3

Here is her artist statement:

In the first part of my adulthood, I lost the freedom and the joy that I had when creating art like I did as a kid.  I worried about the wrong things and felt insecure.  Upon the birth of my first son, I thought about the man I hoped to raise, and cringed thinking that he would ever shove his potential away for any reason.  So, I had a long look in the mirror and began to paint with a fervor like never before.  Finally, in the summer of 2011 my paintings were piling up.  With a snap decision, and a little bravery I decided to share my work and by the summer’s end, my art became my full time job.  I find inspiration in everyday life.  My creativity is easily ignited by things like song lyrics, rusty pipes, old photographs, or ancient artifacts….  And that list could seriously go on and on.  Each time someone tells me that my work makes them happy, it renders me nearly speechless.  I keep that feeling close to my heart with every piece I create.


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January Artist of the Month: Ursula Barton

This month we are excited to present Ursula Barton as our featured artist in the shop! The postcards and prints of her Portland bridge watercolor series are popular with both locals and tourists. We also carry iPhone cases, notebooks, and tote bags with her artwork on them!
Here is Ursula’s bio:
Currently I proudly represent my Oregon roots in Portland. After graduating in 2010 with a BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art. In 2011 I launched my postcard and greeting card collection printed from paintings that were shown in my Rainy City solo show from February 2011. From there I began my mural career, painting large walls and odd spaces for private homes and local businesses all over Portland, focusing on landscapes and cityscapes. This quickly became my full time career after the Homes and Garden section of the Oregonian featured my mural of birch trees on their cover in May 2011. You can see some of my public work at The Daily Cafe in the Pearl, Racion downtown, and The Rose Lounge in Old Town.

When I am not painting I am planning my next trip. In 2008, I was fortunate to work with fine art photographer Katharine T. Jacobs on a portrait project that took us on a road trip to all 50 states. This amazing experience made it clear to me that I would always make time in my life to travel, paint, and strive to use art as language.
Be sure to also visit her website,
Ursula Barton


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October Artist of the Month: Little Lark

One of our best selling artists, Little Lark, keeps our shop filled with clothing, paper goods, housewares, and gifts for people of all ages! Come see the special Artist of the Month display featuring some of our favorite Little Lark goods during the month of November!

Little Lark was created in 2006 by Christy Nyboer when the birth of her son inspired her to fill the lack of non gender baby clothes in the market. What started off as a simple hobby has steadily grown over the past 7 years to now include a wider range of products selling to stores all around the world.

Little Lark sells unique apparel for young and old that isn’t limited by traditional colors and motifs, and offers a beautiful selection of greeting cards and paper gifts appropriate for any occasion. Christy creates designs that are modern, hip, non-gender specific and exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge.

Christy is inspired by beauty and wonder through the eyes of a child. Many ideas have blossomed from old children’s educational books, science textbooks, and her fond memories of living in Alaska as a child. Little Lark designs are inspired by what is beautiful, terrific, mysterious and optimistic about our world.

Christy received her BFA at Alfred University in New York and has exhibited her paintings & mixed media sculptures internationally before the start of Little Lark. “I am really excited to start getting back to the fine arts, but I don’t know if I will ever be the artist I was before starting Little Lark. This season I have chosen some of my favorite designs and handprinted limited editions on paper so they can be enjoyed in ones home. When I create a design, I want to be able to look at it for years and still love it… not just on a t-shirt.”

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