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March Artist of the Month: Jahna Vashti


This month we are excited to present the work of Jahna Vashti in our Artist of the Month section! Jahna’s cards and prints are so beautifully done, and full of color and personality! Be sure to come see her work in person!

jahna_vashti2 jahna_vashti3

Here is her artist statement:

In the first part of my adulthood, I lost the freedom and the joy that I had when creating art like I did as a kid.  I worried about the wrong things and felt insecure.  Upon the birth of my first son, I thought about the man I hoped to raise, and cringed thinking that he would ever shove his potential away for any reason.  So, I had a long look in the mirror and began to paint with a fervor like never before.  Finally, in the summer of 2011 my paintings were piling up.  With a snap decision, and a little bravery I decided to share my work and by the summer’s end, my art became my full time job.  I find inspiration in everyday life.  My creativity is easily ignited by things like song lyrics, rusty pipes, old photographs, or ancient artifacts….  And that list could seriously go on and on.  Each time someone tells me that my work makes them happy, it renders me nearly speechless.  I keep that feeling close to my heart with every piece I create.


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January Artist of the Month: Ursula Barton

This month we are excited to present Ursula Barton as our featured artist in the shop! The postcards and prints of her Portland bridge watercolor series are popular with both locals and tourists. We also carry iPhone cases, notebooks, and tote bags with her artwork on them!
Here is Ursula’s bio:
Currently I proudly represent my Oregon roots in Portland. After graduating in 2010 with a BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art. In 2011 I launched my postcard and greeting card collection printed from paintings that were shown in my Rainy City solo show from February 2011. From there I began my mural career, painting large walls and odd spaces for private homes and local businesses all over Portland, focusing on landscapes and cityscapes. This quickly became my full time career after the Homes and Garden section of the Oregonian featured my mural of birch trees on their cover in May 2011. You can see some of my public work at The Daily Cafe in the Pearl, Racion downtown, and The Rose Lounge in Old Town.

When I am not painting I am planning my next trip. In 2008, I was fortunate to work with fine art photographer Katharine T. Jacobs on a portrait project that took us on a road trip to all 50 states. This amazing experience made it clear to me that I would always make time in my life to travel, paint, and strive to use art as language.
Be sure to also visit her website,
Ursula Barton


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October Artist of the Month: Little Lark

One of our best selling artists, Little Lark, keeps our shop filled with clothing, paper goods, housewares, and gifts for people of all ages! Come see the special Artist of the Month display featuring some of our favorite Little Lark goods during the month of November!

Little Lark was created in 2006 by Christy Nyboer when the birth of her son inspired her to fill the lack of non gender baby clothes in the market. What started off as a simple hobby has steadily grown over the past 7 years to now include a wider range of products selling to stores all around the world.

Little Lark sells unique apparel for young and old that isn’t limited by traditional colors and motifs, and offers a beautiful selection of greeting cards and paper gifts appropriate for any occasion. Christy creates designs that are modern, hip, non-gender specific and exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge.

Christy is inspired by beauty and wonder through the eyes of a child. Many ideas have blossomed from old children’s educational books, science textbooks, and her fond memories of living in Alaska as a child. Little Lark designs are inspired by what is beautiful, terrific, mysterious and optimistic about our world.

Christy received her BFA at Alfred University in New York and has exhibited her paintings & mixed media sculptures internationally before the start of Little Lark. “I am really excited to start getting back to the fine arts, but I don’t know if I will ever be the artist I was before starting Little Lark. This season I have chosen some of my favorite designs and handprinted limited editions on paper so they can be enjoyed in ones home. When I create a design, I want to be able to look at it for years and still love it… not just on a t-shirt.”

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October Artist of the Month: LeBrie Rich of PenFelt

Our October Artist of the Month is the incredibly talented LeBrie Rich of PenFelt! She has been selling at Crafty Wonderland for years and we really enjoy seeing how she continually evolves her art form! Come by the shop to see her amazing work in person!

Founded in 2004, PenFelt offers a line of handmade, hand dyed felt objects. Each item is made personally by the Duchess of Felt (LeBrie Rich). PenFelt’s colorful accessories and objets d’ art are known for their high-quality construction and the customer glee they provoke. Products are wet-felted merino wool, with some needle felted embellishments. Much of the fiber used is dyed in-house by the Duchess herself.

In addition to the felt work featured here, LeBrie creates one of a kind sculpture for diverse settings including museums, galleries, storefront windows and art vending machines. LeBrie’s abstract paper collages are currently being exhibited at Fresh Pot, just a few blocks away (724 SW Washington Street)!

LeBrie also teaches felting and textile workshops. In 2012 she taught felting in a rural community in Japan (with lots of gesturing) and in 2013 she taught at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, New York. Grab a flyer or visit for a list of upcoming classes to join the fun!

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September Artist of the Month: Adrienne Vita

Come to the shop during the month of September to see the beautiful artwork of Adrienne Vita! We carry her prints and cards in the shop and have some special framed original artwork on display for the month. Don’t miss it!

Adrienne Vita is an artist from Portland, Oregon, where she is inspired by her love of the sea, nature, animals, and patterns. Adrienne illustrates using pencils, ink, watercolors and sometimes cut paper. Her work depicts scenes of unusual environments that are ethereal in nature and all things imaginary. Inspiring connection and intuitiveness, there is a special message for each piece she creates.

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August Artist of the Month: Michele Maule

Come to the shop this month to see the beautiful artwork of Michele Maule! We are excited to show some of her original pieces, as well as new prints, cards and best-selling Portland postcards!

Michele  lives in Portland with her boyfriend and their comical Boston Terrier, Chloe. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (with an emphasis in printmaking) in 2005. She loves so many different kinds of art making. Michele often switch between painting, collage, printmaking and illustration. The art at Crafty Wonderland this month is a representation of animals, insects and myths that can be found in Oregon.

Michele says…

Our state provides some of the most beautiful landscapes and environments.  It’s also home to many animals that aren’t always easy for us to see. I wanted to feature them in this show and give people a chance to see my interpretation of them in this series.

The American Pika was one of my favorite animals to learn about and paint. American Pikas can be found living  among the rocky base of Crater Lake National Park, as well as mountainous areas of Central and Eastern Washington. They keep to themselves mostly, but they will yell out to other Pikas if there is any predatory dangers in the area. Also, they’re incredibly cute. Pikas have adapted to living in cold climates, however if they are exposed to more than six hours with temperatures higher than 77 degrees, the little Pika cannot survive. With global warming expected to raise the temperature of our planet in coming years, the American Pika could be in danger.

The Grey Wolf, or Timber Wolf, is another animal in this series that I fell in love with. Grey wolves inhabit Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Grey Wolves are in serious endangerment in Oregon with as little as two dozen counted in November of 2011. The wolves were completely killed off in 1946, but have been making a very slow comeback. They are being killed mostly to protect livestock, and with the growing human population it is hard for them to maintain habitats.  A couple of fun facts about the grey wolf include, their saliva can be used to help stop bacterial infections in wounds. Also, the alpha male, and the alpha female, are the only wolves in a pack that reproduce.

All of the animals in this series are important animals to us and our environment. I wanted to pay a small homage to those animals that I admire through these pieces. These paintings and drawings were a joy to create. Every tiny line that makes up their being gave me a reflective, meditative space to exist. My hope is that my love and appreciation for each animal is conveyed in each portrait. I also hope that people pay close attention to how their lives may directly, or indirectly, impact the lives of the animals that share this beautiful state with us.

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July Artist of the Month: Oh, Little Rabbit!

We are pleased to present the fun and functional work of Oh, Little Rabbit as our July Artist of the Month! They hand screen print their original illustrations onto baby onesies, lunch bags, dish towels, and aprons!

Their product line is a reflection of the things they enjoy and would want to have in their own home. They love the idea of practical art. A piece that can be displayed and visually enjoyed, as well as earn its keep on the oven bar by being the best dish drying flour sack towel around. Being eco-friendly is very important at Oh, Little Rabbit. They make sure to use organic and recycled materials whenever possible. They also use nontoxic water based inks. It’s a two person operation – they do everything themselves – and really do love what they do.

Jason and Cara Hibbs started Oh, Little Rabbit as a part time hobby business in the beginning of 2010. When they first opened, they were printing out of a converted hallway coat closet in their 1 bedroom apartment! As their business grew they decided to take a leap of faith and turn their ‘hobby’ into  full time jobs!

Come by the shop this month to see their work in person, or visit their Etsy shop!

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June Artist of the Month: Jolby & Friends

Come by the shop during the month of June to see our special Artist of the Month display featuring the imaginative and colorful art of Portland duo Jolby & Friends! While you’re here be sure to check out the mural they did for us that hangs behind our cash wrap. It’s a crafty Oregon theme!

We also have copies of the new book Monsters Under Bridges, written by Rachel Roellke Coddington with pictures by Jolby! This is their second book collaboration. We have their first book, The King’s 6th Finger, as well!

Jolby & Friends is a collaborative creative studio based in Portland, Oregon. Founders Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols began their partnership in 2005 after meeting at the Art Institute in San Diego. They combine their talents as Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators. The two have exhibited their illustrations in galleries all over the world and try to achieve two goals within the work they create: “Tell a memorable story” and “make people smile”.

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May Artist of the Month: A Tea Leaf

This month we’re excited to feature the beautiful work of Alissa Thiele from A Tea Leaf. She’s been selling at our craft fairs for quite some time and is also the newest employee in our retail shop!

Combine one part sweet Midwestern drawl, one part savvy designer, one
part hard-core crafter, with a dash of Portland, Oregon’s hip
independent spirit and you get mixed media artist, Alissa Thiele. This
petite artist charms you with her soft accent, and cuts you with her
sharp artistic sensibilities stemming from her study of nature and

Emerging deep from the husks of the Nebraska plains, this artist is
now seeking inspiration, good teas, and a dose of rain in Portland.
Her subtle artistic observations combine influences of urban and
natural beauty alike. Her artwork series, Standard Movement, displays
her delicate juxtaposition of found and created components such as
coffee rings, stencil graffiti in honeycomb patterns, found vintage
paper, and drawn native Oregon plants. Together, the various elements
create an abstract, yet recognizable organic collage that is as
elegant as the flourished frames that hold them. These same graphics
translate well to Thiele’s greeting card series, custom-made wallets,
and pendants that carry the same name.

To round out her craft offerings, she has a jewelry line, strictly
earthy color. Overall, Thiele’s work is elegant yet quirky, wild yet
calming, altogether creating a harmonious symbiosis of the organic and
other-worldly. She may be short and sweet, but this Cornhusker
transplant’s art and crafts pack a solid punch.

You can also see more of her work online at

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April Artist of the Month: Old School Stationers

Be sure to come by the shop this month to see the beautiful work of April’s Artist of the Month, Old School Stationers! They are a small, family owned letterpress studio that specializes in the production of handmade cards, wall prints and other letterpress goods.

Old School Stationers’ goods are made one at a time using pencil, paper, ink and 900 pounds of cast iron. The beautiful, thick letterpress paper used for their cards and prints is imported from Milan Italy, where they have been pulping this style of sheet for over 350 years.

Old School Stationers was founded by Brian Reed back in 2004. After spending years in the printing industry, computer technology came to replace the need for his skills. It was at this time he decided to forgo computers and step back to embrace the skill set of an earlier era. An era in which hand made and home grown were a part of everyday pride. It was with these values in mind that Old School Stationers was born. Brian began sketching out designs in the kitchen at night. He set up two vintage C&P letterpress printers in the garage and launched his first collection of letterpress botanical cards. The response was very exciting!

After the birth of their daughter in 2006 he and his wife Amy decided to join efforts and became co-owners. Drawing from her knowledge gained through years working in the textile industry Amy began assisting Brian with color and pattern choices. She also took on the proud title of “Girl Friday Extraordinaire.”

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