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Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
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Bunnies love crafts too
Bunnies love crafts too
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September Artists of the Month: Pixel Party + Cookoorikoo!


Crafty Wonderland welcomes a dynamic duo to September’s Artist of the Month spot: Shanalee Hampton (Cookoorikoo) and Shawn Hampton (Pixel Party)!!!

Shanalee Hampton began selling embroidered hoop art in her online shop in the summer of 2013. Embroidery had been her go-to craft for gifts for years, since learning how to embroider as a small child, hating it, and then later discovering a real love for it. She switched entirely from jewelry to embroidery the following spring. She finds inspiration everywhere – words, quotations, space, art nouveau illustration, her friend’s social media feeds… Everything can be turned into an embroidered hoop, according to Cookoorikoo!


Shawn (aka Shampton) Hampton has been pushing pixels since he was 7. From playing with print shop on the Apple ii in elementary school to playing Pacman in the arcade and Jumpman on the Commodore 64 to making websites as an “adult”,  he sees the world through pixelated glasses. He started making video game jewelry when he got a little jealous of all the things Shanalee was making & has since branched out to art and bumper stickers.  Customers especially love the bumper stickers quoting “Oregon Trail”!!!

pixelparty1 pixelparty2 pixelparty3 pixelparty4

These two have been working on art projects together for the last fifteen years and have been living in Portland for the last five. Shanalee can also be found mending vintage clothes at Wanderlust Vintage and Shampton can be heard playing with Lovebomb Go-Go Marching Band or solo as 8-bit Zero. They love tacos.

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Apply Now for Our Super Colossal Holiday Sale!!


Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale!
Saturday + Sunday, December 12th + 13th
*** Plus new Friday night pre-sale event for ticket holders!***
(see below for more on that)

at the Oregon Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!

PLEASE NOTE: This year we are holding a special Friday night pre-sale event where shoppers will buy tickets in order to shop early for first pick of your goods and without the huge crowds. It’s going to be AWESOME! But this means that ALL VENDORS will be REQUIRED to load in and set their booth up completely between 10am and 4pm on Friday, December 11th and to have their booths open that evening during the event. Please make note of this and arrange your schedule accordingly. Again, this is REQUIRED and is the ONLY time slot where vendors can load in.



Our application system is entirely digital!

Follow the link above to the apply page on our website to answer any and all questions regarding the sale and the application process.

You will find a link to the application at the bottom of the “apply” page.

Don’t wait too long!
Applications are due September 8th!

Check out our list of handy application tips here! 

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August Artist of the Month: Brian Cook


What do Portlanders love more than food? Food with faces! August’s Artist of the Month is someone who understands this love very well!  Brian Cook, everyone!

hamburger hotdog

We are excited to be featuring work from Brian’s recent project, Teeny Press, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter.  These original block prints of adorably delicious anthropomorphic food friends do not disappoint!  Each piece was hand-printed by Brian on a mini printing press that he built himself, and each print is individually signed and numbered out of only 200!  They also each come with a teeny “certificate of awesometicity!”  We suggest you pair them up and give them to your bestie: “Hot Dawg” + “Burgie” (hot dog and hamburger) “Bestie” + “Sprinkles” (coffee and donut), “Egg-Bert” + “Porker” (fried egg and bacon).  Awesome!

haunted legs

Brian’s drawings and watercolor art prints as well as his illustrated picture book, “Beware the Haunted Legs”, a spooky, sweet tale about a pair of disembodied legs roaming around looking for a friend, are always a big hit in the shop.  Our current stash of books all contain Brian’s autograph and a bonus doodle so get ‘em while the gettin’ is good!  We also have several framed watercolor originals ready to grace your walls, such as a smiling taco with a jalapeno sidekick for $70.00!


Everyone’s been bidding farewell to Portland International Airport’s beloved, be-tweeted carpet this year.  We think Brian’s PDX Carpet print is a great way to commemorate this event – a cuddly looking little swatch of teal rug with stubby arms waving bye bye, forever.

pdx carpet

When asked where he draws inspiration for his work, Brian is very practical: “I don’t think there’s any way to magically find inspiration.  I think you’ve gotta show up and work hard even when you’re not feeling inspired – ideas will come to you eventually if you just keep yourself moving forward.”  However, we do wonder if his little pup, Olive, who he says is “pretty much the cutest thing ever” has anything to do with his ability to capture the adorbs.

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
When I’ve got a project I’m working on it helps to have some monotonous show on that I can half ignore and half watch.  I burn through shows like crazy on Netflix…right now I’m working my way through all 200+ episodes of the X-Files.

Where do you find inspiration?
I don’t think there’s any way to magically find inspiration.  I think you’ve gotta show up and work hard even when you’re not feeling inspired – ideas will come to you eventually if you just keep yourself moving forward.

Do you have any pets?  Please describe, if so!
I have a little pup named Olive – she’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Where do you most like to work?
My studio at home is my favorite spot to work…although on the couch in front of the TV is a close second!

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
A big sigh of relief…and maybe a pack of Oreos.

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July Artist of the Month: Beth Kerschen, Urban Retrospectives


We are so happy to be celebrating Portland’s own Beth Kerschen as July’s Artist of the Month!!! Beth is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses photography and printmaking to create “Urban Retrospectives” – unique cards and prints exhibiting the amazing sights, bridges and buildings that make Portland so rad.


Beth worked for Polaroid earlier in her career, expanding her extensive photographic and digital imaging knowledge. She moved to Portland in 2008 and brought her focus back to photography, photo illustration, and printmaking. She uses a blend of photography and printmaking to create her images, combining images of well-known structures and skylines and signs around town to create layered, collage-like composite scenes. Her Portland Icon postcards and bridge woodblocks are big sellers at the shop!!!


We asked Beth a few questions about herself for our blog and she gave us such great answers that we thought we’d just let her speak for herself!

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you work?
Since I work alone a lot, I tend to listen a lot to OPB on the radio. It is nice to know what is going on in the outside world, while I am working away in my own little world. I do work while watching t.v. too, it makes the boring tasks more fun. I really love sci-fi, so it is fun to put that on while I am working.


Where do you find inspiration?
I Iove urban life, so I get the most inspiration from just simply walking around town, or going through my photos of the cities I have photographed.


Do you have any pets?
Nope, I think I am the only person in Portland who doesn’t have a pet! :)


Where do you most like to work?
I have set up a small printmaking studio in my garage where I make my printmaking plates and print. It has been a dream to have my own studio, so even though it is in a garage, I just love working in there. It is set up just the way I want it and on nice days, I can open the garage door and feel I am enjoying the weather too.


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
I probably should reward myself more often actually! If I finished a big show or event, I usually go to Branch Whisky Bar on NE Alberta. They have great food and excellent mixed drinks!


Be sure to check out Beth’s work at the Crafty Wonderland shop and at


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June Artist of the Month: Little Bay Root


June at Crafty Wonderland ushers in summer sun and Father’s Day and…Sasquatch sightings??? Our Artist of the Month is that champion of Big Foot worship, local artists/entrepreneurs, Little Bay Root!!!

Pacific_north_wet_bear_bike_oregon_rain_umbrella_northwest Beards_are_big_big_here_oregon_grande Night_rider_bigfoot_sasquatch_shirt_portland_oregon_kids_a5e674b6-a7e6-4158-bf1f-3a19dbbca232White_stag_portland_oregon_sign_scoop_tee_shirt

Partners Brian and Brenden have created a monopoly out of Portland love!  Locally designed and printed swag celebrating all things Pacific NorthWest: Big Foot and beer, rain and roses, trees, camping and biking.  With his deep background in marketing, Brian says that he is inspired by pop culture and trends here in Portland – which, obviously and happily, doesn’t always mirror what is trending in other, more mainstream cities.


Little Bay Root started out working at home, but when the swag started taking over every room of the house, they moved their enterprise to a studio with room to work every day while blasting Lana del Rey and Radio Ballet (when the work requires counting.)   How do they reward themselves for their hard work?  “Beer is always a good answer.”

2014-04-25 17.04.552013-10-19 16.48.51

2014-10-17 13.00.56-12014-07-17 18.57.04

Come check out the new merch we got in special for June – like new hat & t-shirt designs, mugs, shot glasses and that’s right…Sasquatch hair?  Test tubes with hair samples from the legendary large hairy ape-men (and women) – this is the “Fur Real” proof you’ve been looking for, people!!!  Speaking of fur, we had to share this adorable photo of the furriest members of the Little Bay Root family – Jetson, the one-eyed Boston terrier and Rogen, the chiweenie.  Cute!

2015-02-05 18.07.08-1

From onesies to hoodies Little Bay Root has got you covered, with all sorts of fabulous-ness in between.  Need a gift idea for Dad, or a birthday, new baby, or graduation gift?  We are sure there is something for everyone in this collection!


Visit for more awesomeness and remember…Squatch Out!!!

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May Artist of the Month: Button Arcade and Jehu


The month of May is pretty exciting for us over at Crafty Wonderland, and it is our great pleasure to feature our favorite mom + kid creative crew, Button Arcade and Jehu Ruth as Artists of the Month.  Just in time for Mother’s Day!


Kyle Ruth of Button Arcade is a self-proclaimed “craftaholic”.  She says growing up in the middle of Alaska where resources were scarce taught her “to invent new products with what I have, instead of going out and buying supplies for projects.” We love that resourceful spirit!


When her daughter, Jehu, the kid portion of our dynamic duo, was born in 2003, Kyle decided she would much rather work from home than downtown Portland.  Kyle creates all sorts of beauties: tiny felt pinwheels on bobby pins to brighten up your hair, or (slightly) bigger ones on sticks to brighten up your life.  Plus pocket mirrors, irked pincushions (like a tooth who loves sugar!), beautiful felt and wood brooches, and Clean/Dirty dishwasher magnets.  And of course, buttons! Give the “I Heart Your Mom” button to someone who hearts your mom!


Girl Wonder Jehu Ruth creates beautiful original drawings and says her cats, Oliver, Jack, and Missoni, like to visit her while she sketches. Smart kitties!!! Jehu’s love of anime and all things Japanese (including the food!) clearly influence her drawings, which feature bright colors and thought bubbles, girls and boys and creatures in every shade of the rainbow.  Come check out Jehu’s prints, magnets and pocket mirrors with matching bags for easy toting.  Her art promotes a strong sense of identity and believing in yourself.  Which. Is. Awesome. Girl power!!!


This busy season finds Kyle and Jehu working hard and then rewarding themselves with lots of anime and burritos, respectively.  Button Arcade (and Jehu too!) were both vendors at our Super Colossal Spring Sale on May 9th. You can find Button Arcade online at  And both mother and daughter’s work will be prominently displayed on our shop wall for the month of May! The crafty force is strong in this family.  Don’t miss out!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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A gigantic THANK YOU, big hugs and love to all of you who came to the Super Colossal Spring Sale on Saturday!! Thank you to our vendors for working so hard to fill that room with amazing goods and killer displays! Thank you to our awesome sponsors, hard working staff and volunteers, and everyone at the Oregon Convention Center! We are so thankful for each and every one of you!!

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The Super Colossal Spring Sale is THIS SATURDAY!!!


The Super Colossal Spring Sale is THIS SATURDAY!!! On Saturday, May 9th (the day before Mother’s Day), we’ll have over 225 booths of amazing handmade goods and art at the Oregon Convention Center! You won’t want to miss it! It’s the perfect chance to snag the best gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, upcoming weddings, baby showers, graduations, birthdays, and some goodies for yourself!

Want a sneak peek at what our vendors are working on? Follow us on Instagram (we’re@craftywonderland) and check out #cwspringsale and #craftywonderland!

Show highlights include:
*Goodie bags for the first 200 shoppers!
*Chinook Book MOBILE coupon packs for the first 200 shoppers!
*A free craft project in our DIY Area hosted by Collage
*A free card making station sponsored by SCRAP
*A plant sale and DIY Flowering Hanging Baskets ($25 each, includes: basket, soil and 3 plants) at the Birds and Bees Nursery booth
*Our friends at Supportland will be swiping cards and spreading the local love!
*Adoptable kittens and cats from Cat Adoption Team!!!
Use our Facebook Invite to invite your friends! See you on the 9th!!

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Find your new BFF at our Spring Sale!


Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale!

Saturday, May 9th

11am – 6pm  

at the Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Hall D
Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages! 
Goodie bags for the first 200 shoppers!


>>>Invite your friends with our



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Get your event program!


Our official event program was inserted in the April 29th edition of the Portland Mercury. Be sure to grab a copy while they’re out – before Wednesday, May 6th! (If you happen to miss them, we will have some extras available at the show!)

The program features a vendor list and map of the room, product spotlights, an interview with local artist Jahna Vashti, and a fun craft project by Molly Muriel!


Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale!

Saturday, May 9th

11am – 6pm  
at the Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Hall D
Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!
Goodie bags for the first 200 shoppers!
>>>Invite your friends with our
official FACEBOOK INVITE!<<<

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