Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
Bunnies love crafts too
Bunnies love crafts too
Bunnies love crafts too
Crafty Wonderland

Portland's Art + Craft Extravaganza

Don’t miss this!!


Did we mention there will be adoptable kittens?!!!

MSHO’s special live performance begins at 1:00pm
at the
Crafty Wonderland Spring Art + Craft Market
Saturday, June 4th from 11am – 6pm

Over 225 vendors selling amazing handmade goods and art
at the Oregon Convention Center
 Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!
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Come get crafty…

…with Collage & Scrap
at our Spring Art + Crafty Market Saturday, June 4th!



Crafty Wonderland Spring Art + Craft Market
Saturday, June 4th from 11am – 6pm

Over 225 vendors selling amazing handmade goods and art
at the Oregon Convention Center
 Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!
Invite your friends with our official Facebook invite!

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Only two weeks away…


Make sure your calendar is marked for our Spring Art + Craft Market on June 4th! It’s only 2 weeks away! See more details on our Facebook invite and please invite your friends!

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May Artist of the Month: Appetite!


We always get excited for our customers when they get to take home an Appetite piece and so of course we are excited to feature this super sister team as May’s Artist of the Month!  Appetite’s Erin Albin and Megan Oser design and manufacture by hand an incredible array of housewares and personal goods!  You can find their work at their storefront on East Burnside as well as many other local stockists.


We truly love recommending Appetite napkins, potholders and dishtowels to customers looking for thoughtful, handmade gifts and their new fabric buckets are a crowd pleaser as well!  And of course we are always thrilled to see people treat themselves to a gorgeous leather and fabric handbag, backpack, wallet or clutch!


Here’s what Erin had to say in answer to our questions the business and process:

Where do you find inspiration?
When we moved our studio into our combined shop/studio space 4 years ago, we added selling vintage and plants to our offerings.  We are constantly finding amazing vintage textiles, bags and paintings that inspire our bag shapes and textile choices or inspire a new colorway to print our fabric in.  And working so closely with plants has inspired many new botanical illustrations for our printed fabrics.


What is your favorite music, TV show or podcast to play while you work?
We love this show called “Chances with Wolves” from East Village Radio.  It’s a variety show that can go from obscure song covers to choral tunes to rock & roll in one show.  You can find it Saturday afternoons on or stream it on Soundcloud.

Tell us about your pets!
We are a sister team and we work together almost everyday.  Megan has a 10 year old Boston terrier named Beetle that comes to the shop with her and has his own teepee for naps.  He’s very social and will try to get you into playing fetch with him when you stop by the shop.

Photo Apr 29, 9 28 34 AM

We encourage you to come check out our sweet selection and also visit the Appetite shop (especially if you can meet Beetle!) or visit their website at!

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Our Spring Art + Craft Market Vendors!


The vendor list for our Spring Art + Craft Market on June 4th is now online!
Check out the lineup here and start making a list of your must-sees for the show!

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In April of 2006 we started Crafty Wonderland as a small monthly event to give artists and crafters like ourselves a venue to sell their work – something indoors and monthly. On the second Sunday of every month at 8am we would arrive in the basement of the Doug Fir Lounge and start marking off 40 booth spaces on the floor with large 4′x4′ cardboard squares and chalk. For three years we did that and in that time the demand from both vendors and shoppers grew.  After a few epic and crazy crowded shows we finally made the decision to move to the biggest space in town – a 60,000 square foot hall at the Oregon Convention Center! It’s been such an amazing journey for us – to see our idea grow and transform as the handmade world has evolved!

In our wildest dreams, we couldn’t have imagined what Crafty Wonderland would become over the past 10 years. It has become a full time endeavor for us, with a retail store selling the work of over 200 local artists year round AND two large bi-annual craft markets held at the Oregon Convention Center! Our holiday market last December drew in 20,000 shoppers! We still can’t believe how it has grown!

Crafty Wonderland wouldn’t be what it is without all of the immensely talented artists and crafters who have participated over the years. Without them we would just have an empty room. It also couldn’t have sustained itself without the tremendous community support and all of the shoppers who have chosen to buy handmade and support local artists. For all of this, we are so grateful! We couldn’t have done it without you!
We are throwing a big ol’ party back where it all began and would love to gather all our friends, vendors and fans in one room to celebrate a DECADE of Crafty Wonderland with us! We hope you can come!


Tuesday, April 19th from 7pm – 11pm

at Doug Fir Lounge (811 E Burnside St., Portland, OR)
Come enjoy some light snacks and treats.
There will be a cash bar.
DJ Gregarious will be spinning our favorite music.
Due to being in a bar, this event is 21 and over.

Tickets are free but in order for us to control capacity
you will need to RSVP & show your ticket at the door.


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April Artist of the Month: Unusual Cards


Portlanders, that blazing ball of fire in the sky has finally arrived and we are so excited to welcome the sunny weather as well as April’s Artist of the Month, Francesca Berrini of Unusual Cards!!!

This sunshine makes it feel like anything is possible and almost anything IS possible in Francesca’s art – dinosaurs, kittens, religious and historical icons, jello mold spaceships, all hanging out together!  Customers have a great time pouring through all her designs in the shop!


Francesca collects most of her original source materials from various thrift stores and the “kindness of strangers” to create unique, colorful, hilarious collage designs.  She cuts and pastes multiple layers of images to create scenes that are the embodiment of tall tales and turns them into prints, candles, greeting cards and magnets.  We currently have a couple framed originals in the shop!


Francesca was very happy to answer some questions (truthfully? You decide – her bio on her website indicates she was born in the Arctic tundra in 1952, and raised by polar bears until the age of 7!) about herself and her process for our blog:

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
It really depends on the type of work I’m doing. For creative work I’m obsessed with podcasts – Serial, Sawbones, The New Yorker Fiction Podcast, What the Crime, This American Life, the Moth. For the really boring work of stuffing cards into clear bags I’ll watch RuPaul’s Drag Race or Black Mirror.


Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in anything that’s very sincerely trying to convince me of something in an overly enthusiastic way. The mid-century printed material I scavenge to cut up is really full of unblinking optimism, but it’s really not that different in tone than a lot of stuff that’s being produced today. I love the look of a solid lie printed in glorious technicolor.


What is your astrological sign?
Tauraquaries with Leobra rising.

Do you have any pets and if so, please describe!
I have a Shiba that came from the Humane Society about 11 years ago. This is the reason I am constantly covered in pet hair.


What is your favorite food?
Whatever my husband cooks for me.

Where do you most like to work?
I love working in my art studio at the North Coast Seed Company. I’ve been there for over 10 years now!


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
I guess I don’t really “reward” myself per se. I just keep working and hoping that I’ll keep doing it well. The reward is being able to work on whatever I think is worth working on. I think the idea of rewarding myself would work well if I was taking steps towards some kind of goal, but if the goal is just being able to continue to do the work I like, then there’s no end in sight. Maybe I’ll invent a time machine so I can high five myself right before I die.

Come check out Francesca Berrini’s work at the shop and at!


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Notifications have been sent!

photo by Shannon Rowland

For those of you who applied for our Spring Art + Craft Market the notifications were sent out this morning! If you did not receive any news, please check your spam and promotions tabs/folders before emailing us!

Thank you to everyone who applied! We’re looking forward to another great mix of vendors on June 4th!!


Saturday, June 4th, 2016

11am – 6pm

at the Oregon Convention Center

777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Exhibit Hall D Portland, OR

All Ages * Free Admission

200+ vendors selling amazing handmade goods!

Goodie bags for the first 200 shoppers!

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Applications are now CLOSED!

Applications for our Spring Art + Craft Market are now CLOSED!
Applicants will be notified regarding the status of their applications by the end of the day on March 29th.
Sorry but we DO NOT accept any late application under any circumstance.

Feel free to check out the Apply Page for general vendor info. To be notified of future events and applications feel free to sign up for our mailing list on the right hand side of this website.


XO Cathy + Torie


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One week left to apply!

crafty wonderland art and craft market

photo by Shannon Rowland

There is one week left to apply to the

Crafty Wonderland Spring Art + Craft Market

Saturday, June 4th

Over 200 vendors selling amazing handmade goods and art
at the Oregon Convention Center
 Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!



Our application system is entirely digital!
Follow the link above to the apply page on our website to answer any and all questions regarding the sale and the application process. You will find a link to the application at the bottom of the “apply” page. Check out our list of handy application tips here!

Don’t wait too long! Applications are due March 15th! 

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