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Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
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Bunnies love crafts too
Bunnies love crafts too
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November Artist of the Month: Tea Party Animals


Welcome to the world of cute chubby animals doing various adorable things! Our November Artist of the Month is Reese Lee, of Tea Party Animals!


Tea Party Animals, which Reese calls her “mini empire”, features her paintings of little animals with attitude – lots of chubby wisecracking cats, as well as outdoorsy bears, hipster birds and even donut obsessed sharks – just SEE if you ever hear the Jaws theme without thinking “donut donut donut” ever again!


A customer favorite by a landslide is the cat on the toilet reading a newspaper proclaiming his appreciation for a “good poop”. Whether in magnet, print, card, woodblock or sticky note form – it never fails to fly off the shelf!


Here’s what the artist herself has to say about the real chubby animals in her life: “My illustrations are inspired by things that I think are funny, either that I see or that occur in my mind. I’m easily amused, so it’s not very hard! Some are inspired by my cats, Bacon (RIP), Egg, and Cheese. Bacon was my very first cat. “Fiber is My Friend” literally happened with her: I came home one day and she was chewing on a cardboard box, something she’d never done before and I never saw her do again! A newer piece I’m particularly pleased with is “Meowriachi Band”. The band is simply so delightful. A piece that has a “secret” is the cat in the poncho next to a cactus. Know what he’s playing? Guess again. It’s the MEOWracas! *lol*”

You can find the cute colorful art of Tea Party Animals in the Crafty Wonderland shop, as well as Reese’s jewelry line, Travel By Sea. Or visit her online at or at the Portland Saturday Market!

By Joanna Kurimsky

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October Artist of the Month: Little Gold Fox Designs!


There’s a chill in the air, the daylight is fading faster, the leaves on the trees are changing color and starting to fall.  Autumn is here and with the shift in the season comes our October Artist of the Month – Arrowyn Craban Lauer of Little Gold Fox Designs!


Old world designs meet eco-friendly manufacturing techniques to create a line of work that is mysterious, distinctive and environmentally conscious.

As her website declares, Arrowyn crafts art “for lovers, dreamers, and tree huggers”.  Inspired by traditional folk art paper cutting designs, “I started sharing pictures of my designs and the response was so incredibly positive that I made prints and started selling them like hot apple strudel.”


You can find a wealth of pieces in our shop that hearken to their roots in traditional folk art, such as eye-catching earrings detailed with floral patterns or shaped into animals, as well as bookmarks, prints, greeting cards and postcards, even t-shirts!


Gorgeous natural wood such as birch or walnut, intricate paper cutting designs and old world style brewed with modern sensibilities of sustainability (everything, down to the plastic packaging, is eco-friendly!) make Little Gold Fox Designs attractive to the eye as well as the conscience.  Come visit our shop and fall under her spell, and read on to see what she had to say about her work and what sparks her imagination!


What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
I love watching and listening to murder mysteries while working. One of my favorite shows is BBC’s Murdoch Mysteries – a show that takes place in the late 1800’s in Canada and the detective uses his own inventions to solve crimes!  I also enjoy listening to podcasts: This American Life, Serial, and Radiolab being my favorites.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find most of my inspiration in nature…the colors, patterns, and shapes of the natural world are my greatest muse. I also love folk art, mostly Russian, German, and Eastern European; Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts; and Medieval ornament. I could endlessly peruse old library books and Pinterest in search of these sources of inspiration.


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
I sometimes get a special treat like ice cream, other times clothing, jewelry, or new shoes fit the bill. :)  And once a year, after the holidays, my husband and I spend a weekend at Breitenbush hot springs to unwind!

You can find Little Gold Fox Designs online at:

Text by Joanna Kurimsky


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September Artist of the Month: Christa Pierce


We are very happy to name Portland illustrator Christa Pierce as September’s Artist of the Month!!!

The bright florals and sweet creatures depicted in Christa Pierce’s prints and greetings cards are sure to bring a smile to your face.  We are lucky enough to have several lovely framed pieces this month, which will lend light to any room that needs a touch of good vibes.

christa pierce bird

These microwaveable Healing Heart pillows, stuffed with lavender, seeds, essential oils, and other yummy-smelling ingredients make a cute gift for a friend who needs a hug – or perhaps, for yourself!


Christa Pierce is a positive force to be reckoned with.  Her children’s book, Do You Know That I Love You?, which she wrote as well as illustrated, has enjoyed national recognition.  It’s always very popular among kids and grown ups in the shop.  We are excited to see what Christa comes up with next!  Come check out Christa’s work at the shop, and read on to see what she had to say about what inspires her, her process, and her dog!


What inspires you?
“I once had an acquaintance tell me, ‘Everything is beautiful to you.’ I treasure that comment and try not to lose that perspective. I feel most inspired, centered, and ready to be creative when I’m appreciating the little things: being outside, feeling the breeze through the window, burning incense, drinking my favorite beer, or petting my dog.  Along with that attitude, I’m a huge art lover and feel very inspired by and appreciate other’s great work, which makes me want to go back to my desk and contribute myself.”


Tell us about your pet(s).
“I am obsessed with my little dog, Sir Lancelot. My first year out of college I was freelancing full-time from home and became terribly lonesome. I had gone from living with 7 girls in a house in Seattle to all by myself in a studio apartment. I adopted Lance to be my studio mate 3 years ago, and he has been the most wonderful friend ever since. He’s very sensitive, like me, and we do everything together. There’s a dog-friendly bar near my house, so sometimes he comes with me and sits in his own chair!”


Where do you most like to work?
“Drawing is my favorite thing to do – once I get going I can do it for hours and hours and hours!  I try to move myself from location to location so I don’t get stiff or uninspired. Right now, my favorite rotation is: studio desk, then on top of my bed, then the backyard – each spot with Sir Lancelot close at hand.”

By Joanna Kurimsky


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Applications are now CLOSED!

Thanks to all of you who applied to our big Holiday Art + Craft Market! You will be notified regarding the status of your application by the end of the day on September 24th!
Until then, enjoy what is left of Summer!
Sorry but we do not take any late applications after the deadline – absolutely no exceptions! If you want to be notified of future applications then you can sign up for our mailing list on the right hand side of this page.


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Applications are OPEN!

overhead shot
photo by Shannon Rowland

It’s time to apply for our Holiday 2016 Art + Craft Market!

We’ll have over 250 booths of handmade goods and art at the Oregon Convention Center the second weekend in December, just in time for people to finish up their holiday shopping!

Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market
Pre-Show Ticketed Shopping Event

Friday, Dec 9th 5:00-9:00pm

Free and Open to the Public
Sat, Dec 10th + Sun, Dec 11th
11:00am – 6:00pm

at the Oregon Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd in Portland, OR

PLEASE NOTE: Last year’s Friday night ticketed shopping event had such positive feedback from shoppers that we’re doing it again this year! People can buy tickets in order to shop early for first pick of your goods and without the huge crowds. It’s going to be AWESOME! This means that ALL VENDORS will be REQUIRED to load in and set their booth up completely between 10am and 4pm on Friday, December 9th and to have their booths open that evening during the event. Please make note of this and arrange your schedule accordingly. Again, this is REQUIRED and is the ONLY time slot where vendors can load in.



Our application system is entirely digital! Follow the link above to the apply page on our website to answer any and all questions regarding the sale and the application process. You will find a link to the application at the bottom of the “apply” page. Check out our list of handy application tips here!

Don’t wait too long! Applications are due September 3rd! 

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August Artist of the Month: Humble Design Co.


We are super excited to feature Sarah Glover of Humble Design as August’s Artist of the Month!  Sarah’s adorable felt creations are hugely popular at the shop!  We can never keep her potted felt cacti and succulents on the shelf for long!


Sarah’s provided us with some extra special goodies this month, like super-sized plush cacti – one customer said she was going to make it her travel pillow! – so be sure to come check them out before they’re all gone! Also these new wooden spool pins are sure to look smashing on the jean jacket lapel or backpack of your favorite crafter!


Show some Oregon love with a mini pennant or magnet, or surprise someone special with a colorful felt flower hairclip or felt garland or tiny owl plushie.  All of Humble Design’s work is sure to please as gifts!


Sarah was very excited to be featured as Artist of the Month and to answer our questions:

What is your favorite TV show or music to play while you work?
The Office for sure! It’s my all time favorite, and it doesn’t distract me too much except when “That’s what she said!” jokes happen…but overall I’m able to get quite a lot of crafting done while it’s on.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration really everywhere, from flowers in the garden to the colors of buildings, to just walking around the fabric store.


Do you have any pets?  Please describe, if so.
Yes! I have one cat named Kitty, who’s sassy and has an extreme tuna addiction. I also have a Chiweenie named Molly and she’s pretty much my spirit animal! When she’s not sleeping she’s eating cheese or relaxing in the sun… just living the life!

What is your favorite food?  
Mexican food for sure! Burritos are my go to food, with chips and salsa of course! The spicier the better!

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
When I’m not crafting, I’m thrifting – so if I get a big job done I love to reward myself with a day of thrifting or garage sale-ing with my family. It’s amazing what you can find for a bargain!

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July Artist of the Month: You Are Here

you are here portland

We are happy to shine a spotlight on Lyn Nance-Sasser and Stephen Sasser of You Are Here for July’s Artist of the Month!!!  You must come check out their expanded selection of prints, cards, postcards, magnets, buttons, journals, patches, souvenir viewfinders and framed prints!

you are here

Stephen and Lyn became master printmakers in the 1980’s when they were founding members of the Northwest Print Council, an organization of artists from 5 western states and 2 Canadian provinces, that later became Print Arts Northwest.  At that time, they worked in silkscreen printmaking; but they have now embraced technology by using digital techniques to create their prints of landmarks and icons.

you are here coasters

The You Are Here series all started in 2012 when Lyn and Stephen received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to create 12 images of Portland icons. Marketing their prints all over the country via the internet, they now have over 60 images of cities from coast-to-coast, as well as Europe and Japan!!!

What are your favorite Portland landmark(s)? The multiple Benson Bubbler drinking fountains, the Thompson Elk fountain and the 31-foot Paul Bunyan statue in Kenton.

Benson Bubbler

What are your astrological signs? Our astrological signs are quite compatible: Lyn is a well balanced Libra, and Stephen is an optimistic-to-a-fault Aries.


Do you have any pets?  Please describe, if so. Our famous cat Jimmy (who has appeared on the front of a Hallmark card), is an orange tabby.

breaking news 300 copy

What are your favorite foods?   Portland is such an epicenter of good, farm to table food, that it is impossible to pick a favorite.

seattle space needle xoxo

How do you reward yourselves for a job well done? We love to travel, near and far! Favorite NW locations are Astoria, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Central Oregon, the Wallowas, Tacoma and Walla Walla.

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June Artist of the Month: 20 Leagues!


June’s Artist of the Month is the incredibly inventive husband and wife team of 20 Leagues!  Morgan Pasinski and Jamie Hudson are always crafting up some new displays and fun items for our shop using not much more than a bit of cardboard, a laser cutter, and mystical crafty powers bestowed by Captain Jules!


 Tiny dioramas and diorama kits for your houseplants, taxidermy magnets, Oregon-themed ornaments, rebar bottle openers, and more!!!


Extra- special for this month we have on display a “Two-Bit Time Machine” diorama gumball machine – for 25 cents you can experience their vision for the time capsule in Pioneer Square!


Always ready with a clever twist on words, the dynamic duo supplied some rhymes in answer to our questions – check ‘em out (though we just can’t believe that these folks don’t leave themselves any time for fun!)


What’s your favorite music to play while you’re working?
Anything with a beat – we’re the Riverdance of twerking.

Where in the world do you find inspiration?
A place in our heads that needs medication.

Which of the twelve is your astrological sign?
We ended up married last time we fell for that line.

Do you have pets?  Please describe them, if so.
We’ve two blue cats.  One’s sharp and one’s slow.

What are your favorite things to eat?
Just about anything that doesn’t have meat.

Where would you say you most like to work?
For ourselves, even though our bosses are jerks!

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
We do the next job better.  No time for fun.

Check out their website for even more 20 Leagues fun!

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Cool off with us on Saturday!


Crafty Wonderland Spring Art + Craft Market
Saturday, June 4th from 11am – 6pm

Over 225 vendors selling amazing handmade goods and art
at the Oregon Convention Center
 Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!
Invite your friends with our official Facebook invite!

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A Sneak Peek…

…at what you might find at this Saturday’s Spring Art + Craft Market!


Crafty Wonderland Spring Art + Craft Market
Saturday, June 4th from 11am – 6pm

Over 225 vendors selling amazing handmade goods and art
at the Oregon Convention Center
 Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232
Free Admission! All Ages!
Invite your friends with our official Facebook invite!

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