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Eclipse Ear Jackets

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One pair of earrings with so many possibilities! This set comes with two moon studs, plus two teardrop shaped ear jackets. You can wear the teardrop shapes in front of your earlobe, behind it, or remove them altogether and just wear the moon studs! You can also try pairing the teardrops with your other stud earrings. So much versatility! 

Each teardrop jacket is handmade out of sterling silver. There's a small hoop at the top that you'll slide onto the back of your earring post behind your ear, then secure it with the earnut like usual. The sterling silver is hammered for a shiny textured finish that will coordinate with all your earrings. 

It is recommended to give the jackets a gentle tug after you’ve put them on, to make sure your earring post went through the small hole (and not the larger opening, which could cause them to fall off later)!