Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
Sasquatches love crafts
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Bunnies love crafts too
Bunnies love crafts too
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February Artist of the Month: RX Letterpress


Pardon our language, but we’re super f*cking excited to announce that February’s Artist of the Month is Emily Riley of Rx Letterpress!

Take our word for it, if you are in the Crafty Wonderland shop and you hear people giggling, muffled at first and then growing into guffaws and belly laughs – chances are you will discover that they are huddled around a spinner full of Emily’s Rx Letterpress cards, the “most horrible adorable cards around”!


It is not an exaggeration to say that every day customers from all walks of life enthusiastically proclaim their love for Emily’s cards – the salty swears and amusing one-liners paired with old timey print images are pretty much always a hit!

Emily set up a rad wooden display showcasing all of her work in the shop for the feature this month – it’s not to be missed.  Come check it out and proclaim your true affection for anyone special in your life (and cool enough to deserve it) with a card by Rx Letterpress!  And read on for some words from the badass Artist of the Month herself:

What is your favorite drink? Sunkist orange soda.  One a day, in the afternoon.

What are you reading? These days, unfortunately, I’m just reading news articles.  I surprised myself by springing for a subscription to the New York Times.  My other favorite source is  It supplies a good breakdown of the day’s events, with links, to keep you updated without drowning in depressing information.


Who is your current political crush? I’m super crushing on Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Jeff Merkley.  They are pushing hard against the Trump administration’s agenda, and they should be an example to every Democrat in Washington.  I’m so proud of them!

What do you predict for your business in the future? I’m no good at predictions, but I *do* know that I’ll be moving into a new shop space in the basement of Cargo, at SE 1st and Yamhill, during the next month.  They’re a fierce and fantastic bunch of ladies, and I can’t wait!

Words by Joanna Kurimsky


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Apply Now!

Applications for our 2017 Spring Art + Craft Market


Head on over to the APPLY PAGE for all the FAQs and a link to the application. Don’t wait too long – applications close at the end of the day (midnight) on March 1st!

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Mark your calendars!!!


Mark your calendars so you remember to apply for our Spring Art + Craft Market!
Applications open February 15th!
Visit the APPLY page of our website for more info!

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December Artist of the Month: Little Lark


Our December Artist of the Month is Christy Nyboer of Little Lark!  Little Lark was created in 2006 when the birth of her son inspired Christy to supplement the lack of non gender specific baby clothes in the market. What started off as a simple hobby has steadily grown over the years to now include a wide range of products in stores all around the world!

Little Lark sells unique apparel for all ages that isn’t limited by traditional colors and motifs, and offers a beautiful selection of greeting cards, toys and gifts appropriate for any occasion. Christy creates designs that are modern, hip, non-gender specific and exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge.

littlelarksolargladtobehere_nat_onesie_mini2 littlelarkwolf

See what Christy had to say about her work and style:

What is your favorite TV show, music, or podcast to have on while you work?  
I am in my office Monday through Friday, so I get pretty bored listening to the same stuff all the time.  My favorite podcast to listen to while working would probably be This American Life, but I also listen to quite a bit of OPB since I never make time to read the news.  When I have tons of work to do and need to keep moving, I love to listen to 80’s music and anything funky with a good beat.  I really enjoy listening to classical, old singer-songwriters, electronic ambient, instrumental and old jazz.  I appreciate silence in nature, but not in my office… it keeps me awake.


Where do you find inspiration?  
Most of my inspiration comes from science and nature with a focus on what is beautiful, mysterious and optimistic about our world.  Being a mother of two boys, I am very interested in how beauty and wonder is seen through the eyes of children and their natural, unbiased desire to learn and discover.  Many of my ideas and images have blossomed from old educational books, nature walks, and my many fond memories of growing up in Alaska.

What is your astrological sign?  

Do you have any pets?  Please describe, if so.
I have an almost 18 year-old grey cat name Frida (named after Kahlo, of course) and the star of my much-loved Cat design!  She always brings out the best in me and is always there when I’m having a bad day.  We have a very strong bond and it will be a very sad day when she leaves.


What is your favorite food?  
Japanese food!

Where do you most like to work?  
I have a hard time getting anything done at my house, so my office in NW industrial is where I do most of my work.  If I have only computer work to do, I often enjoy working at a local coffee shop.


How do you reward yourself for a job well done?
This January I am planning on getting lots of massages! The holiday season takes an especially huge toll on my body and mind, but I usually try my best to not work in the evenings and weekends so I can spend that time with my family.


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Holiday Hours!


We’re here for all your last minute gift needs and stocking stuffers!

Mon – Fri 10am-7pm
Christmas Eve (Saturday) 10am-3pm
Christmas Day (Sunday) CLOSED


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photo by Eleanor Gorman

photo by Eleanor Gorman

Every year after our Holiday Art + Craft Market we are both elated and in total awe of the number of you who come out to support artists and buy handmade goods. We extend our most gracious thanks, on behalf of the hundreds of vendors who worked incredibly hard to get ready for the show. Your support helps these wonderfully creative people express themselves, pay their bills, and follow their dreams. THANK YOU FOR BUYING HANDMADE!

To our vendors: Thank you for bringing it yet again! Your displays were fantastic (they get better every year!), your products were so inspired, and we would have nothing but a 60,000 sf empty room without you! You filled that space with love and dedication and complete awesome. You’re the best!!

We’d also like to thank all the folks at the Oregon Convention Center who work so hard on our behalf to make sure the event goes off without a hitch, to our staff both at the show and at our retail shop, to our fabulous volunteers, to our friends and families for their support during this crazy time, and especially to all of our sponsors!




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Shop from the best and brightest makers and find the best holiday gifts this weekend at our Holiday Art + Craft Market!!


Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market

Saturday, December 10th + Sunday, December 11th, 2016
from 11am – 6pm

The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

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Nikki McClure + Emily Winfield Martin!

Meet some of your favorite artists this weekend at our Holiday Art + Craft Market! Special artist signings in the Land Gallery / buyolympia booth #2!

Saturday from noon-2pm:
Nikki McClure
Nikki McClure is well known for her artwork cut from a single sheet of paper with an x-acto knife. Her annual calendar has become hugely popular! Here’s your chance to purchase one, meet her in person and have her sign it! Stop by the Land Gallery booth on Saturday from noon-2pm for this amazing opportunity!

If you happen to be one of the lucky people to get a goodie bag when the show opens, the bags this year feature Nikki’s artwork and were produced by the folks at Land!

Sunday from noon-2pm: Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple
Emily Winfield Martin is a beloved painter of romantic and whimsical scenes. She has recently published her third children’s book! She’ll be signing books and prints on Sunday from noon-2pm. Imagine what fantastic holiday gifts those will make!

Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market

Saturday, December 10th + Sunday, December 11th,  2016
from 11am – 6pm

The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

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Fun Projects in our Free DIY Area!

Our friends at Collage have come up with yet another fantastic project for our visitors at the Holiday Art + Craft Market this weekend!


AND The wonderful folks from Scrap will be offering their ever-popular Creative Reuse Gift Wrapping and Card Making Station in the DIY Area too!



Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market

Saturday, December 10th + Sunday, December 11th,  2016
from 11am – 6pm

Friday, December 9th from 5-9pm (sold out)

The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

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Tickets are now on sale for our First Pick Pre-Show Party!!!

overhead shot
photo by Shannon Rowland

Have you ever dreamed of shopping our Holiday Art + Craft Market without all the crazy crowds of people?? Or maybe you want first pick of all the handmade goodness?

WE KNOW! Last year’s Friday Night First Pick Pre-Show Shopping Party was such a success that we’re doing it again this year! Get your tickets now and be one of the lucky ones who can shop our show before we open to the public over the weekend! We’re only selling 500 tickets so get one while you can! (To give you an idea of crowds, there are usually close to 2,000 people waiting in line to get into our show when it opens on Saturday morning and our attendance for the entire weekend is 20,000…so 500 will feel like a gentle breeze!)

If the early shopping perk isn’t enough, your ticket also gets you one free drink of your choice at the cash bar!

Crafty Wonderland First Pick Pre-Show Party
Friday, December 9th
5:00pm – 9:00pm
at the Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd – HALL D

UPDATE: The Friday night party is sold out, but the show is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Saturday, Dec 10th and Sunday, Dec 11th from 11am-6pm!

Tickets are only $20 and include:
* Entry into the show from 5:00-9:00pm on Friday, December 9th and an opportunity to shop early from over 250 handmade vendors without the crowds.
*One free drink of your choice at the cash bar

A few things to note:
-The legendary Crafty Wonderland “goodie bags” will NOT be given out at this pre-show event. They will be given out to the first 150 shoppers in line at the show on Saturday and Sunday. As usual, the event will be free and open to the public all day Saturday and Sunday, December 10 + 11 from 11am-6pm!

-The free DIY craft activities will NOT be happening during the pre-show party but will be up and running all day Saturday and Sunday as usual.

- Kids 5 years old and under are free. Kids 6 years old and up will be required to have a ticket to attend. The event is all ages but is meant to be a relaxing shopping experience where you can have a grown up drink and shop at your leisure so we encourage you to come kid-free if possible!

Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance through TicketsWest. No tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event. Get yours now before they sell out! You don’t want to miss this – it’s going to be HUGE!


Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market

Saturday, December 10th + Sunday, December 11th,  2016
from 11am – 6pm

Friday, December 9th from 5-9pm
Click here to buy tickets!
The Oregon Convention Center – Exhibit Hall D
777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

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