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Apply NOW for our Holiday Art + Craft Market!

Apply NOW for our Holiday Art + Craft Market!

photo by Shannon O'Connor

Applications are OPEN!

It's time to apply for our 2021 Holiday Art + Craft Market! Don't wait too long - applications are only open for three weeks and will close at the end of the day (midnight) on September 5th. Details and a link to the FAQs page of our website are below. Have questions? Check out the FAQs page and you will find most of what you need to know there. We also recommend that you check out our list of handy APPLICATION TIPS before applying.

We'll have about 200 booths of handmade goods and art at the Oregon Convention Center the second full weekend in December, just in time for people to finish up their holiday shopping!

Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market
Pre-Show Ticketed Shopping Event

Friday, Dec 10th 5:00-9:00pm*

Free and Open to the Public
Sat, Dec 11th + Sun, Dec 12th
11:00am - 6:00pm*
*(Hours may change slightly.)

at the Oregon Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd in Portland, OR


PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the Friday night ticketed shopping party is mandatory for all vendors! People can buy tickets in order to shop early for first pick of your goods and without the huge crowds. It's going to be AWESOME! This means that ALL VENDORS will be REQUIRED to load in and set their booth up completely between 10am and 4pm on Friday, December 10th and to have their booths open that evening during the event from 5-9pm. Please make note of this and arrange your schedule accordingly. Again, this is REQUIRED and is the ONLY time slot where vendors can load in.


What Will your COVID-19 Protocol Look Like?

This information is subject to updates and changes at any time. We will be following the guidance from local, state and federal health officials, as well as the Oregon Convention Center to hold our event as safely as possible. By attending our event, you accept the risk that you may be exposed to the Covid-19 virus or other illnesses.

For the safety of everyone:

    • Masks are strongly recommended for attendees and vendors and may be required as mandated by the state and county.
    • Attendance will be limited and with timed entry to allow for distancing among shoppers.
    • Aisles will be wider than usual to allow for more distancing between customers. To accommodate the wider aisles, we will be accepting fewer vendors.
    • We're exploring options for partitioning the booths between vendors.



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    Wednesday Project: Westward Whiskey Fall Spice Old Fashioned

    Wednesday Project: Westward Whiskey Fall Spice Old Fashioned

    For our final Wednesday Project in our Month of Makers we thought it would be fun to share with you a delicious cocktail recipe using ingredients from our vendors! Thank you to Westward Whiskey and Micah Anderson for this recipe! Westward Whiskey is participating in our Virtual Market this Saturday, December 12th! Join their LIVE cocktail class on their Instagram at 12:00pm PST!

    Westward Whiskey Fall Spice Old Fashioned
    Created by Micah Anderson

    For nearly two decades, we have brought something new, different, and relevant to whiskey, and we are proud to serve as a leading voice for American Single Malt. Inspired by the unparalleled culture, climate, natural ingredients, and people of the American Northwest; we set out to make a whiskey of the elements-- and along the way, we called it Westward.

    Just in time for the holidays, here's one of our favorite twists on a classic-- a Fall Spice Old Fashioned, created by Portland's own Micah Anderson. You can find Micah on Instagram at @coacha27.

    * Westward American Single Malt Whiskey
    * Portland Soda Works Ginger Syrup
    * Portland Bitters Project Super Spice Bitters

    * Large mixing glass & bar spoon
    * Jigger or shot glass
    * Strainer
    * Old fashioned or rocks glass
    * Ice


      1. Add all ingredients to mixing glass.

      2. Add ice and stir until well mixed and cold (about 20-30 seconds).

      3. Strain over fresh ice into cocktail glass.

      4. Garnish with a star anise pod and an orange twist (if you're feeling fancy).

      Find everything you need and more at!

      Wishing you a safe and happy holiday from all of us here at Westward. Cheers!

      See Westward Whiskey LIVE on their Instagram at 12:00
      THIS SATURDAY, December 12th in our last Virtual Market of 2020!
      They will be doing a cocktail class! Perfect for the holiday times!! 

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      Maker Monday: Ryan and Lucy of Berkley Illustration

      Maker Monday: Ryan and Lucy of Berkley Illustration

      For our fourth and final Maker Monday, we have chosen to highlight Ryan and Lucy of Berkley Illustration. Fun fact: we actually met Ryan on craigslist many years ago when we had a call out to illustrators to draw us as super heroes for another project! Berkley Illustration has drawn every single Crafty Wonderland show poster and all of our logos and printed collateral since we began in 2006!  

      You likely recognize Berkley Illustration's iconic animal portraits. They have been long time vendors of our craft markets and sell their work in both of our retail shops. You can see them LIVE on their Instagram at 11:00am in our December 12th Virtual Market! They will be setting up their booth at home and giving you a tour of their giftable goods! See all of their work and their full product offerings on their website!


      Name: Ryan + Lucy Berkley
      Astrological Sign: Ryan - Capricorn. Lucy - Libra
      Favorite Color: Ryan - Silver, Lucy - Rainbow
      Favorite Food: Ryan - Artichokes, Lucy - Potstickers
      Favorite Art Supply/Tool: Ryan - Prismacolor Markers, Lucy - scissors

      How did you get started doing art as a business?
      We got our start at the first Crafty Wonderland! That was the first time we sold art as a product. We sure didn't realize we'd being doing it full time for the 10+ years that followed.

      Do you have any advice for other people who are looking to grow their business and become a full time artist/crafter?
      Thinking creatively about where you can show your work and don't limit yourself to one option. You never know where someone will find you. 

      How has COVID changed the way your business works?
      We already worked for our home studio so that part was luckily not a disruption. Having two young kids at home the last nine months doing online learning, howev [What? Please don't yell. Come talk to me if you need something.] er, has been interesting [Yes, you can have a snack.] to say the least. The "funniest" thing is that we need to talk to each [Five minutes until small group!] other to brainstorm and strategize [I don't know where your headphones are. Where did you have them last?] but that has been a major challenge for some reason. 

      Where do you find the most inspiration for your work?
      I'd say it's a solid mixture of real life nature and fake life vintage children's books. 

      How do you balance your business and your personal life?
      Is there a difference? We aren't very good at this. Someone give us lessons after Covid please.

      What is your COVID go-to guilty pleasure - either something you're reading, listening to, watching or eating?
      Ryan - Black Box wine
      Lucy - Watching The Office repeatedly to help me fall asleep.

      What artists are you loving these days?
      Bisa Butler (@bisabutler)
      Naomi Anderson-Subryan (@naomiandersonsubryan)
      The Tiny Pricks Project (@tinypricksproject)
      And we love pretty much every piece of art from Illustoria Magazine (@illustoria_mag)

      What are you doing to stay positive in these uncertain times?
      Reminding ourselves to be truly thankful for what we have and how lucky we really are. 

      You're stranded on a desert island and can bring three things with you - what are they?
      Ryan - Sleep mask, rum, sunscreen
      Lucy - My family, our dog, and a friendly magical fairy. 

      See more of Berkley Illustration on their website and Instagram!
      And catch them LIVE in our Virtual Market on Saturday, December 12th at 11:00am!

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      Thank you for following along with the Crafty Wonderland Month of Makers! Here is the third and final installment of our Month of Makers Holiday Gift Guides! We are highlighting another special collection of goods from our November + December Virtual Markets! Simply click on the photo to go directly to the item or click the business name to browse their entire website! Happy Shopping and stay tuned for more special features as we celebrate our makers between now and December 12th!

      Little Gold Fox
      Any 6 Wood


      Haute Sauce
      Gift Pack

      (Salty + Sweet)

      Gold Slime

      Olander Earthworks
      Near & Far

      4-Pack Holiday Cards

      Seagrape Apothecary
      Body Oil

      Iron Oxide Designs
      Little Lunar Choker

      Kayla Burke Design
      Flora Crystal

      Jahna Vashti
      Stag Bagpiper Print

      Mister OKs
      Vivid Ash Soap


      Brush Cup


      Willow Ship
      Pepitas Tea Towel

      Color Therapy Glass
      Moon Rainbow Maker

      Final Switchback
      12 Card Set

      of Tomorrow

      Monarch Garden Sign

      (Salty + Sweet)
      Raven Hanging Mobile

      Westward Whiskey
      Stout Cask

      Bread and Badger
      Stretch Cat Mug
      Portland Bike Clock

      Art by Ciara
      Spam Art Print

      Rainbow Cat Earrings

      Alshiref Design
      Mask With 2.5 Filter

      Amy Wing

        Tiny Stamped Studs


      Trash Fire DIY Kit

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      Wednesday Project: 2020 Detox Bath Salt by Happy Handmade

      Wednesday Project: 2020 Detox Bath Salt by Happy Handmade

      2020 Detox Bath Salt by Morgan Magras of Happy Handmade

      Do you feel like you need to exorcise and detox 2020 out of your life for good? Well, you are not alone! While we still have a bit longer before this year is out of our lives, I’ve formulated this detoxifying bath salt to help your body reset, recuperate, and hopefully get rid of any bad juju it picked up in this trying year. Here is what you will need, I’ve included the percentages so it is very easy to scale, whether you want to make a small batch or enough for your whole city. 


      Epsom salt 30%
      Himalayan salt 20% 
      Lavender flowers 10%
      Calendula petals 10% 
      Oatmeal 20%
      Kaolin clay 10%
      Essential oils of your choice ( I picked Lavender, Lemon, and Pine) 
      Holy water (Optional)  

      Items needed:

      Mixing bowl 
      Sachet bag

      This bath salt is great for soothing and healing the skin too! 


      Put all dry ingredients in mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

      Add your desired essential oils. I found how much you should add is a personal preference. You can start with a few drops of each and go from there.

      Put in a container (mason jars are great) and label. 

      There you have it, you are ready to enjoy your bath salts.

      For easy cleaning up, I highly recommended using a sachet bag! Put 3 heaping tablespoons in the bag and put it in your bathwater. Most of the contents will dissolve but the flower petals will remain in the bag.



      Essential oils, clay, sachet bags, and flowers

      About Morgan:

      I was given the opportunity, at a young age, to travel the world. I found myself enamored with the indigenous cultures that I encountered, and intrigued with their nature-based approaches to health, beauty, and body care.

      The wonderful cultures in which I found myself immersed, used the simplest of methods with profound results. Learning hands-on approaches to harmonize, nourish, and heal the body has been an extraordinary gift in my life. 

      When I returned stateside and realized how disconnected society had become from nature, and how complicated and adulterated even “natural” products had gotten, I felt compelled to make a difference.

      It is my dream that Happy Handmade be a resource for harmonizing your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Happy handmade products are made by hand, from scratch, using simple organic ingredients in the Pacific Northwest.

      Our goal is to help you find a simply pure product, while enhancing feelings of confidence and beauty… naturally.

      So dive in and find your Happy place!

      Happy Handmade is a vendor in our December 12th Virtual Market! See them LIVE on their Instagram (@happyhandmadeproducts) on Sat, Dec 12th from 1:30 - 2:00 showing their limited edition holiday items! And be sure to check out their website as well!