Updated 12/6/2023

We are so excited to host our Holiday Art + Craft Market in person again this year! In order to hold our event as safely as possible, we have some Covid-19 guidelines and protocols detailed below. 

Please read this information thoroughly, as compliance for all vendors and attendees is mandatory.

THIS INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO UPDATES AND CHANGES AT ANY TIME! Please check back right before attending our event for the latest updates. We will be following the guidance from local, state and federal health officials, as well as the rules implemented by our venue, Oregon Convention Center / Metro, to hold our event as safely as possible. By attending our event, you accept the risk that you may be exposed to the Covid-19 virus or other illnesses.

For the safety of everyone:

  • Attendance will be limited and with timed entry to allow for distancing among shoppers.
  • Masks are highly encouraged.
  • Vendor booths will have partitions between them along the backs of the booths.

Social Distancing + Sanitization

We know our show has been pretty crowded at times in the past, so we are taking extra measures to create space for social distancing. We are limiting attendance and will have timed entry tickets to better control the number of people in the room. We've also eliminated two rows of vendors booths to accommodate for wider aisles and allow more space between groups of attendees. 

To help with social distancing and touching of communal craft supplies, we have made the decision, along with the folks from Collage, to NOT have our free DIY Area this year. 

We encourage all attendees to frequently wash or sanitize their hands. We will have a hand sanitizing station at the entrance. Some vendors may also provide hand sanitizer in their booths. 


Wellness Check

If you or anyone in your party is feeling unwell, experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or has been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, please follow the current CDC guidelines to determine whether or not you should stay home.



If masks are required, what types of masks are acceptable?

  • Any CDC approved mask 
  • Must fit snugly and cover BOTH the mouth and the nose
  • Must be solid fabric - no mesh, holes, valves, etc.

    Do I have to be vaccinated to attend?
    We will not be checking vaccination status for this event.

    Where can I take a Covid-19 test?
    Contact your health care provider, a local pharmacy, or consult this state website for testing locations.