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We stand in solidarity with and in support of everyone who is protesting, speaking out, centering Black voices, and doing the personal work needed to dismantle white supremacy and racism.

In light of this, we have decided to postpone our Virtual Market that was scheduled for next weekend to July 24 + 25. Keeping the collective focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and racial justice is more important than anything. Like many of you and many of our vendors, we are using our platforms to promote racial justice and equality and to highlight Black artists, makers and business owners. There is so much action being taken right now in support of Black lives and anti-racism. We don't want our event to take anything away from those messages and this crucial work.

We understand that the work will continue well beyond this month and are finding ways to incorporate this into what we do as we move forward. As a part of that, we are working on ways to make our shops and events more inclusive for both our artists and shoppers.

If you are looking for Black-Owned local businesses to support, Mercatus has a great list. is another good resource. 

Support Black Artists, Makers + Business Owners

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