Adrienne Vita

Crystal Specimen Chart #3 Print

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This “Crystal Specimen Chart” is a print of an original artwork depicting (in order by number) Spirit Quartz, Amphibole, Garden Quartz, Apaptite, Azurite, Labradorite, Malachite and Carnelian. Each stone has a metaphysical meaning below:

Spirit Quartz releases fear, negativity, brings in peace, harmony, patience, understanding, self love, confidence and works with grief and loss. Amphibole reduces stress, balances the mind, helps move towards goals, positive thinking and wards off negativity. Garden Quartz brings in manifested desires, grounds, heals and is a soothing stone and great for meditation. Apatite increases motivation, openness, helps with focus, learning, communication, brings in peace and harmony. Azurite guides with psychic and intuitive development, brings in enlightenment, clears stress, brings in lighter emotions, a stone that transmutes fears and encourages self expression. Labradorite opens the inner eye, brings in strength, unity, energy amplifying, transforms and unblocks energy, enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your purpose. Malachite absorbs negative energies, amplifies positive, brings in transformation, encourages risk and change, balances relationships and aids in business success. Carnelian is a creative stone, helps with manifestation and luck, cleanses all other stones, helps with precision, analytical and verbal skills and gives confidence and energy.

11" x 14" print

photos ©Adrienne Vita