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Dream Spray

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Use this spray on your pillow before bed to promote deep relaxation and vivid dreams, in a room or on linens prior to meditating, or embarking on any visionary work.

Contains tinctures of:
-Mugwort -- A magical herb, associated with the moon -- long used for the enhancement of visionary journeying, dream-enhancement and dream-recall.

-Pacific Dogwood -- The flower clusters of this tree are thought of by some as the eyes of the forest, and the plant tincture can be worked with to activate your third eye, and to bring light to the darkness.

-Peppermint -- It is said that peppermint also may strengthen the perception of your third eye. This plant has been used to promote rest and stimulate more colorful, and sometimes (by some reports) prophetic dreams, which is why it has also been used in divination rituals.

-California Poppy -- A wonderful and effective plant for relaxation and sleep. May also help those who seek validation from others to find their light and beauty within.

-Holy Basil -- As a mild sedative, Holy Basil helps to ease stress and induce a deep, restful sleep which may be very conducive to dream frequency and recall.

>>Shake before use<<

Ingredients: water, grain alcohol, tinctures of mugwort, california poppy, pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil + essential oil blend.

2 oz glass spray bottle