RX Letterpress

Magical Land Sticker Set

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A set of 4 amazing vinyl stickers from RX Letterpress. The colors are assorted, so you will get a mix of colors, and it may not necessarily be the mix shown in the photos!

The Magical Land Set includes one of each of the following stickers:
From the magical land of I don't give a f*ck
Get back to kicking ass you magnificent btch
Whose f*cking kid is that
Oh for f*ck's sake

Emily Riley is the incredibly sweet artist behind these horrible, adorable stickers that scandalize your loved ones, delight your friends, and crush your enemies.

These stickers are screenprinted by hand on waterproof vinyl, making them great for water bottles, laptops, phones, and all kinds of high-touch surfaces.

They are each approximately 4" tall, except the little chick which is about 3" tall.