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Maker Monday: Adrienne Vita

Maker Monday: Adrienne Vita

Our first Maker Monday interview is with local artist and long-time Crafty Wonderland vendor, Adrienne Vita! You may recognize her work from both our shops and our craft markets. Adrienne has been selling with us since back in our Doug Fir days and is now participating in our Virtual Markets, doing live tarot and oracle readings, painting, and showing some beautiful crystals. She'll be vending at both of our upcoming Virtual Markets, so be sure to catch her live on her own Instagram page Saturday, November 28th from 1:00-2:00 PST!

Name: Adrienne Vita
Astrological Sign: Cancer sun sign
Favorite Color: Deep Bluish-greenish and Black
Favorite Food: Mushrooms, fennel, tomatoes, strawberries and chocolate - not all together though haha.
Favorite Art Supply/Tool: Watercolor and brushes

How did you get started doing art as a business?
I went to art school and then had a full time art career in design. After 10 years of that I switched to a part time design job so I could start selling my own art. Crafty Wonderland gave me a chance to vend in my very first booth when they were at the Doug Fir Lounge. Things slowly picked up for me so I was able to leave my part time job to pursue my art business full time in 2007 and then adding my crystal shop 2016.

Do you have any advice for other people who are looking to grow their business and become a full time artist/crafter?
Start by doing your art after your work hours or get a part time job while selling your work until you can move into it full time. Don't look at what's trendy or sells. Make what is unique to you. Keeping at it is key.

How has COVID changed the way your business works?
My business hasn't changed so much because I already had my online shop and shipping in place. Events have been the real change. I haven't had any in-person connection with my clients, customers or stockists during covid. I am now doing virtual events which works really nicely to still connect with everyone.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your work?
Nature, architecture, crystals, meditation, my garden and music.

How do you balance your business and your personal life?
I don't know if I am the best at it, it's a constant balance. I don't have kids and my husband and I both have careers and are both working from home now, so work tends to take priority. But I love to relax and rest, so I always make time for it. I realized over the years that I really need to balance as much as I can because burnout doesn't feel so fun. I love my alone time and social time, so my husband and I make it a point to walk together, cook together, do some fun outside social distance things to break the work routine.

What is your COVID go-to guilty pleasure - either something you're reading, listening to, watching or eating?
Definitely lots of Netflix - I last watched the Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb which was really great. Also, supporting our local restaurants by getting takeout when we can.

What artists are you loving these days?
I'm actually getting really inspired by sculptors, ancient art and old nature paintings. It's not any particular artist but more of a style I am really liking. I think I've really been missing going to museums! 

What are you doing to stay positive in these uncertain times?

I have my days but the way I get out of it is to remember that nothing is permanent. Things are always changing. Ideas will come when they need to. And that I don't have to figure out a problem right in the middle of the heat. Meditation, working with my crystals and cards are important to me. But also walks, looking at baby animal videos and jokes go a long way too.

You can see more of Adrienne's work on her website and Instagram! And be sure to check out her other business, Dream Maker Crystals, for some gorgeous crystal specimens!

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Welcome to the Crafty Wonderland Month of Makers! Here is the first installment of our Month of Makers Holiday Gift Guides! We are highlighting a special collection of goods from our November + December Virtual Markets! Simply click on the photo to go directly to the item or click the business name to browse their entire website! Happy Shopping and stay tuned for more special features as we celebrate our makers between now and December 12th!

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How to Attend Our Virtual Market!

We know that part of the appeal of our events is that you get to meet the makers live and in person! Buying something directly from the person who made it is special and we want to give you that feeling even though we are not able to meet in person. So we have asked all the participating vendors to be LIVE for at least 30 minutes during the show hours. What does that mean? It means that they will be live on their own Instagram pages doing everything from demos + studio tours to live sales and interviews!

We have compiled an official Schedule of Events so you can plan your attendance beforehand. Look over the schedule of events HERE. We have also added a charitable aspect to the market with vendors choosing to donate to an organization that is meaningful to them – this information is also listed on that schedule of events.

Check out the vendor list HERE. Each vendor has their own profile that contains photos, a short bio, a link to their website and a link to their Instagram page where they will be holding their LIVE portion of the event. The best part of the new and improved Vendor List is that it is SORTABLE BY CATEGORY! We’ve tried to make it easy for you to navigate and find the kinds of things you like! The entire live portion of the event is 4 hours long but the vendor list will remain on our website for at least one month so you can revisit your favorites afterwards.


- Plan ahead! Look over the vendor list and the schedule of events ahead of time and make a list of the LIVE events you want to check out. With so much happening at the same time it’s important to have a plan so you don’t miss out!

- Watch our Instagram Stories! We will have lots going on over on our Instagram page! We will be highlighting each and every vendor leading up to the event and will be linking to their live segments as they are happening in our stories. So please FOLLOW US if you don't already! 

- Keep and Eye Out for our Month of Makers Extras! As part of the Month of Makers we are doing all sorts of extra things to highlight our participating vendors! Follow us on our socials and sign up for our mailing list to get the first look at Gift Guides, How-To Projects and Artist Interviews!

- Invite your friends! Use Zoom or Google Hangout and shop the market together! Chat on your desktop computer and shop on your phone!

- Make a shopping list! Use the market to get all your gift shopping taken care of! Think about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

- Engage! We encourage you to ask questions or comment during the live segments! Everyone is craving some human connection so reach out and engage and meet new people!

- Support our community! Remember that our artists rely on the income from our markets to survive! Having to cancel our markets for the rest of the year has been a big blow to everyone so now is the time to send them some extra love and support! Even if you don’t have the funds to financially support them you can share the event and their websites to help promote them!

- Have fun! We miss getting to see the joy on your face when you come to our events! Please share your experience with us by tagging us on Instagram (@craftywonderland) and using our hashtags on your posts - #craftywonderland #cwvirtualmarket #shopfromhome. We want to see what you bought, who you met and what you felt connecting with our artists!

- RSVP on Facebook! We have created a Facebook Event where we will be posting details and updates! Make sure you RSVP and follow us on Facebook so you can stay informed!