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August Artist of the Month: COFFEE BEER

August Artist of the Month: COFFEE BEER

It’s summer, it’s super hot out, and it’s best to keep things a cup of coffee in the morning and a cold beer at the end of the day!  Our August Artist of the Month will get you from one to the other.

coffee beer mugs

Founded in 2015, Coffee Beer’s Phillip and Jessica believe that coffee and beer should be just that -  two fine beverages that are delicious to drink being served in an approachable setting that fosters memorable experiences amongst amazing individuals!

People are in love with Coffee Beer’s straightforward design and color palette, and their blunt, irreverent messages - such as “Death Before Decaf” (yes!), and their take on the Holy Trinity (coffee beer burritos, or coffee beer pizza).  Come check them out - we’ve got lots of extra cool stuff for this month, including glass cans, tote bags, new mug designs and more!  Coffee Beer has also recently paired up with Kayla Carlson of Paper Puffin to create adorable black and silver enamel pins that feature cool cats enjoying beverages!

coffee beer pins

Find out more at, and read on below to hear what Phillip and Jessica had to say about stuff!

What do you predict for your business in the future?
Magical, amazing things! We are going to be releasing a whole bunch of new merch this summer and we will be opening up our flagship brick-and-mortar shop in SE Portland. Along with all of our merchy goodness, we will be serving up everyone's two favorite beverages (Coffee & Beer) from sun up to sun down and getting you to and from the best parts of your day!

coffee beer koozie

Who is your current celebrity crush?
Sam & Dean Winchester (from Supernatural).

What art and craft fairs and events are you looking forward to in the coming year? (Besides ours, of course!)
PIN PALS (Holiday Edition, Dec.2&3) at our friends’ place and NUCLEUS Portland Gallery (1445 SE Hawthorne Blvd) - there’ll be enamel pins, patches, beers, and merch galore!

Favorite local artist currently?
Rambling Hands  / Scout & Whistle / Jason Sturgill

Favorite word and/or swear word?
Aw Nuts!

coffee beer holy trinity prints

What are you reading or what podcast are you listening to?
The Greatest Generation (Podcast), Nancy (Podcast), Love + Radio (Podcast), There Be Monsters (Podcast), Reply All (Podcast), Serious Eats (Podcast), The Sporkful (Podcast), StartUp (Podcast)

Favorite beer, wine or drink?
Rainier Beer always and forever, but we've really grooving on Gilgamesh Brewing & Claim 52 beers as of late. For Coffee, Junior's Roasted Coffee at Guilder and Upper Left Roasters.

Do you carry an umbrella?  What is your stance on umbrellas in Portland?
Nope. Handle it like a boss...or run!

- by Joanna Kurimsky

coffee beer mugs

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July Artist of the Month: Place & Time

July Artist of the Month: Place & Time

Our Artist of the Month is actually a duo - the dream team of Kenneth Poirier and KT Goeke of Place & Time!

Kenneth Poirier is a Portland based graphic designer and illustrator with a love of classic advertising, and KT, who grew up in Germany before relocating to the Pacific NorthWest, currently works as a bank manager and is pursuing a MBA. They met at a community event in 2014 where she was representing US Bank and Kenneth was promoting his previous art print business.

Their paths crossed many times afterwards as they were both serving on boards of local organizations. Immediately drawn to his talent, KT contacted Kenneth and began featuring his artwork on the walls of her bank branch. Eventually Kenneth and KT decided to join forces and utilize his artistic talent and her marketing skills to create ‘Place & Time’.

place and time design - city of roses

Blending gorgeous color and intricate detail, the work of Place & Time is a heartfelt shout out to Oregon as well as the vintage posters and tourism adverts of the Art Nouveau period.  From their glossy postcards to their ready-to-hang rugged wood prints on solid hemlock planks, their work sells fast to locals as well as visitors.

Check out for more info and come into the shop to get an up close and personal look at Place & Time’s beautiful handiwork.

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May Artist of the Month: Hillockburn Farm

May Artist of the Month: Hillockburn Farm

May is here and (hopefully!) ushering in some long-awaited SUN to PDX!  Along with it comes our May Artist of the Month, Rebecca Kaihani, owner and operator of Hillockburn Farm!

Hillockburn Farm specializes in high quality, handmade, small batch, natural body care products, and believe us when we tell you THEY. SMELL. AMAZING. Rebecca started creating natural products for friends and family as a hobby and then expanded to selling her wares on a national level; recently she opened her own shop in NE Portland!

Spring seems like the perfect time to treat yourself to some wonderful-smelling Hillockburn Farm soaps like Brown Sugar Fig, Citron Honey Coriander, Cherry Almond, Rosemary Peppermint, or Heff Beer.  Or better yet, treat your mom for Mother’s Day - perhaps to a facial in a bar of soap (aka Peppermint, Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal)! Come into Crafty Wonderland to pick up something sweet - this month we have featured other Hillockburn Farm products along with the soaps we usually carry, such as aromatic bath salts, bath milk, vegan balm, or if you’re the indecisive type, a “Mix Bag” - 10oz bags of randomly selected pieces from their soap collection.

Keep in mind that Hillockburn Farm donates 10% of their annual profits to different local charitable organizations, so you can feel even better about supporting them.  We encourage you to check out their website, as well as visit their new storefront (grand opening May 12!) and read on to find out what this super cool, outgoing lady boss had to say in response to our blog questions!

What do you predict for the art/maker world?
They/we are now in demand. It feels like consumers are looking for unique items that can’t found at your giant chain store…that’s great for all the artists and makers out there.

Who is your current celebrity crush?
Olivia Munn and Jason Bateman…if they ever ended up together I would DIE!!!

Who is your current political crush?
Smokey the Bear….because only YOU can prevent forest fires!!

What art and craft fairs and events are you looking forward to in the coming year? (Besides ours, of course!)
Crafty is clearly a favorite!!! But we also LOVE the St. Johns fair, it’s a great vibe and hello…MARCHING BANDS!!!!

Favorite new local artist?
Loving T with Upper Metal Class! She’s crazy nice and her jewelry is great…plus she’s got a rad new shop on Sandy!

Favorite word and/or swear word?
I’m trying to swear less…so I’m using new words in place of swear words Fart = F*ck, Sugar = Sht…they aren’t nearly as satisfying but, in a pinch they get the job done without sounding like a filthy f*cking sailor. Shit, that slipped out. Dammit! Ugh!!!

What are you currently reading or what podcast are you listening to?
Neither…I’m so lame! But in the shop I’m usually listening to the Broken Bells station on Pandora.

Favorite drink?
Booze: Bloody Mary ONLY IF it’s made with bacon flavor vodka! Currently obsessed with Holman’s on 28th.
Beer: Asam-Bock at Stammtisch, also on 28th
Side note - both of these places are within walking distance of our store…so please, go get a drink at either place, then stop by so we can talk about it!!!

Do you carry an umbrella?  What's your stance on umbrellas?
I own one umbrella….It’s a little thing that I keep in my car for an “emergency”. Oddly enough I had to use it once in an actual emergency. While driving down 205, I saw a dude crash on his motorcycle…it was POURING outside, several people pulled over to help the dude! Once we got him as comfortable as possible, I pulled out my umbrella in an attempt to keep him dry while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. Total score!  But personally, I don’t use them….if it’s too bad out there I use my hood, you know, the hands-free umbrella attached to most jackets!!!

By Joanna Kurimsky